Royvine Serenades From the Heart in a Passionate New Single, "Let You Go"

From Worcester to Los Angeles, the versatile recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, and singer-songwriter Royvine releases a lively and passionate single entitled "Let You Go."

After playing with punk bands across his hometown of Worcester, Royvine later moved to LA, where he'd meet even more interesting personalities, which resulted in a lust for life. While sharing personal perspectives on social justice, queer love, and identity, it's without a doubt that anyone will feel refreshed after introducing themselves to Royvine's music.

Now releasing the first single off his forthcoming EP in August, "Let You Go" takes listeners through a relatable and heartfelt lyrical theme of an inner desire to work through the issues and settle down with someone special. While fuelling the atmosphere with thrilling pop sonics and production, Royvine does an incredible job of keeping us locked in and engaged the whole way through.

Delving deeper into the single, "Let Me Go," the song begins with Royvine's melodically rich vocals drenching us in desire and optimism. As the punchy pop sonics pour through our speakers with tight drum arrangements, fluid synths, and crisp keyboard melodies, Royvine later makes his way to the passionate hook. While he goes in-depth about never wanting to let someone go, Royvine makes the experience all the more refreshing with his natural charisma and confidence that beams through his sweet vocals.

As we continue grooving throughout this upbeat pop anthem, Royvine delivers incredibly poetic lyricism that's hard to find in modern pop music, especially as he explains his devotion for someone he's had his eye on for a while now. Leading us towards the outro with nothing but heart and passion, Royvine closes the track on an uplifting note.