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Royvine Serenades From the Heart in a Passionate New Single, "Let You Go"

From Worcester to Los Angeles, the versatile recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, and singer-songwriter Royvine releases a lively and passionate single entitled "Let You Go."

After playing with punk bands across his hometown of Worcester, Royvine later moved to LA, where he'd meet even more interesting personalities, which resulted in a lust for life. While sharing personal perspectives on social justice, queer love, and identity, it's without a doubt that anyone will feel refreshed after introducing themselves to Royvine's music.

Now releasing the first single off his forthcoming EP in August, "Let You Go" takes listeners through a relatable and heartfelt lyrical theme of an inner desire to work through the issues and settle down with someone special. While fuelling the atmosphere with thrilling pop sonics and production, Royvine does an incredible job of keeping us locked in and engaged the whole way through.

Delving deeper into the single, "Let Me Go," the song begins with Royvine's melodically rich vocals drenching us in desire and optimism. As the punchy pop sonics pour through our speakers with tight drum arrangements, fluid synths, and crisp keyboard melodies, Royvine later makes his way to the passionate hook. While he goes in-depth about never wanting to let someone go, Royvine makes the experience all the more refreshing with his natural charisma and confidence that beams through his sweet vocals.

As we continue grooving throughout this upbeat pop anthem, Royvine delivers incredibly poetic lyricism that's hard to find in modern pop music, especially as he explains his devotion for someone he's had his eye on for a while now. Leading us towards the outro with nothing but heart and passion, Royvine closes the track on an uplifting note.

Let your heart sing along with Royvine's latest single, "Let You Go," and prepare your ears for his forthcoming EP later this August.

Hello Royvine and welcome to BuzzMusic. We adore the heart and desire you've placed into your recent passionate single, "Let You Go." What inspired you to create a song that touches on holding someone close to your heart?

Hardship can force you to come to new understandings and fully value the special relationships you have in your life. This song came about very naturally, as I was reflecting on the rich memories and experiences I’ve had and the many more to come. “Let You Go” was born out of the need to celebrate those connections in my life and the time we have together to build a better world. Did you work with any producers when formulating the uplifting pop production for "Let You Go?" Could you elaborate on the creation of the lively sonic atmosphere?

I can’t be more grateful for my friend and very talented producer, Austin Danson. “Let You Go” simply wouldn’t have the character and punch without his creative touch and ear. Though we met in 2019, we didn’t start working together on Royvine until after the pandemic hit. All of our sessions have been virtual for this single and EP, which is much different than being in the same space. At times we’ve both voiced this as a frustration, but we’ve certainly learned how to thrive, find our creative flow, while also having a blast remotely. Recording vocals with the incredible Sam Garfield has been such a gift too. They both challenge me in a generative way and for that, I am so grateful. Do you usually create such anthemic, uplifting, and passionate songs like "Let You Go?" Do you often strive to leave the listener feeling lifted and inspired?

Historically, I’ve been known to write songs with a more somber/melancholy feel and have found it more difficult to write songs with a positive flare. “Let You Go” and this EP has been a silver lining, flowing out as a source of healing and celebration that I was yearning for. As a writer, you may ask questions along the process and sometimes those questions are helpful, but I think they can also hinder growth and exploration. I like to be as free and open as possible in a creative space and then dial down to my intention. I personally hold so much value in music and performance, that I know it has absolutely shaped my being. Knowing that I’m not the only one that feels this way, that music has an enormous impact, I choose truth, authenticity and let my passion drive to hopefully inspire others. What should we expect to hear from your forthcoming EP in August? Why did you choose to release "Let You Go" as the EP's lead single?

I’m so grateful for this collection of songs because I think the overall message interwoven gives the listener optimism rather than dismay, hope instead of disillusionment. “Let You Go” was chosen as the single because it encapsulates the overall vibe of the EP. While every song has its own voice and intention, “Let You Go” has that easy summertime vibe that many folks are craving.


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