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Presidentrj Soothes The Mood With “Racks Coming”

Presidentrj is creating a wave of his own. This young artist who resides in Sunny Los Angeles, California released his single, “Racks Coming”. “Racks Coming” begins with a smooth-melodic introduction from the well articulated vocalist Presidentrj. His vocal resonance had a suave, ladies killer appeal to the texture, highly absorbable. Presidentrj is an indefinite success story, waiting to happen. Highly slept on, but soon will show the world what he’s made of!

With a record like “Racks Coming”, this could happen sooner than we think. The vibe of “Racks Coming” was all-around mesmerizing. We loved how it created a mood for us instead of us having to fabricate the perfect mood for ourselves. This is a strong indicator on intelligent artistry. Creating music that naturally has its organic vibes is the key. “Racks Coming” is one of those songs you can play during a late-night drive or even simply to catch a vibe. The record complements the current generation’s taste of music well. It’s exquisite production of the trap beat mixed with classic R&B passion is what makes the detail of the arrangement enchanting! The soul in Presidentrj’s vocals carries the record through different dimensions, valleys, and energetic vibrations for the listener. “Racks Coming” is a hit that would no doubt in mind, create great waves in the game. The satisfaction I received from listening to “Racks Coming” wasn’t enough. Not because of the song, but because I want more from Presidentrj! When is his next hit? Guess we must wait and see!

Listen to "Racks Coming" here and check out the exclusive interview below!

What’s up Presidentrj We’re happy to have you here with us. Mind telling us a little bit about your upbringing and background?

Born in raised in Los Angeles , California. Football player who couldn’t get it together in school , and turned to the streets to feed me because I couldn’t wait no longer. I wanted the money now and didn’t want to wait for the football opportunities to play out.

Thank you for sharing your hit “Racks Coming”, we loved it! what was the most challenging aspect in creating this record?

The challenging part of creating this record was the right studio vibe and engineer. I recorded Racks Coming at two other studios before finding the right one in woodlands hills with my new engineer authentic808. Without him this record wouldn’t be the same.

 Were there any specific inspirations you had for “Racks Coming”? If so which and why?

The song is just short stories I deal with In my everyday life. It really was just telling my story to a beat, I feel it’s natural vibe in the studio when you have a real connection with your lyrics .

Let’s have a little fun! If you could collaborate with ANY artist of your choice, who would you pick and why!?

Would most definitely be Lil baby or Money man. There most influential to me personally because they talk about what really going on in the hood. Both different rappers but both there stories connect in a way. REAL HUSTLERS FROM THE MUD, and NO CAP IN THEY RAP.

“Racks Coming” left us wanting more, as a beginner in music, you’re doing amazing so far! When can we anticipate the next hit?

I will be dropping my next single “Plug Intro” sometime next month. If people listen closely they will learn something from the lyrics. I’m out here giving free game in the music. Telling all my fans take it and run with it, it’s a bag on the other side for you. 



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