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RSY Wants to Remove the "Doubt," In Her Debut Single Release

RSY is an R&B/Soul singer-songwriter hailing from Brampton, Ontario. Through her pursuit of music, RSY grapples with truth and vulnerability as her sound, style, and tone are an experience of their own.

Her interest in music peaked when she began writing poetry in high school, and that quickly turned into beat making and writing music as RSY went to University. Diving deeper into music with purpose, she has composed her own unique approach to R&B by bringing life to cinematic concepts through a panache unique to her.

Producing an atmospheric ambiance in the depths of her most recent single, “Doubt,” RSY revisits the nostalgia of timeless R&B with the classic grooves of the instrumentation and vocal harmonies.

Carrying a warmth in the tone she transports her irrefutable timbres with a modern wave of contemporary flair as we are welcomed into a vulnerable sector of thoughts that trickle from RSY’s headspace to the microphone, and the overflow into our speakers. Her angelic vocals are clear and present as they take the spotlight of “Doubt.”

Remaining front and center as the lucid timbres cascade with the impeccably timed percussion patterns disbursed through the composition, we have the pleasure of feasting on lyrical motifs such as, ‘Your body could be my escape. Freedom in you I taste.’ Delving into a narrative that reflects on the empowering push and pulls through the motions of love and lust, RSY encapsulates a world where her eyes are locked on the commitment it takes to line up the lens with the apple of her eye.

There’s a magical escape that happens the moment RSY’s words greet the musically charged essence of this tale, and we have to admit that we’re here for it. Taking over, one song at a time, RSY is now someone on our radar that is known to deliver top-tier perfection.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, RSY, and congratulations on the release of your most recent single, “Doubt.” The way that you convey this storyline speaks into our soul. Amazing job! Was there a particular moment or story that sparked the themes dissected in this track?

Thank you so much! All I want is for it resonates with people in some sort of way. I feel like the song is so specific to a certain situation I had going on at the time but relatable to many aspects of life. I initially wrote it because I was battling myself to just move on from a relationship that had so many benefits but not necessarily what I needed for who I am trying to become. I kept doubting just moving on because of comfortability but I had to get out of my own way. I feel like the lyrics convey the story really honestly. I know many people can relate.

Being your debut single, “Doubt,” carries such a mature presence through well-developed production quality. Did you work with anyone to bring this vision to life the way you saw fit?

The song actually came about kind of weird. I was working with my producer JMS who always makes great beats but this day when I first heard the beat I was not feeling it. He was basically telling me to trust him that it would turn out fye but my doubts were so high that I just wanted to move on. Long story short the beat ended up being so fire and we named it to doubt. Oddly enough doubt had just been such a reoccurring theme in my life at the time in regards to relationships, music, and just growing up more so it just came full circle and made sense.

Looking back at your frame of mind when creating “Doubt,” how would you say that your mindset has altered now that this song is released?

Looking back at that time, I feel like I was learning to trust my intuition more. I was definitely trying to piece together how I wanted to tell my story but be more vulnerable and honest with people doing so. Now that I’ve spent some time learning more about myself and learning to silence my doubts I’m definitely more comfortable sharing the artist side of me.

What is the main message that you hope to send out through the music you create?

The main message I want to send through my music is just to be honest. I feel like we all relate in some way and I know every time I’ve been honest about how I feel or my thoughts not everyone has agreed but someone has related. When we’re honest with ourselves we can be honest with others and I just want people to always feel like we’re not so far apart.

What's next for you?

A lot and I’m so excited but nervous at the same time. There will definitely be more singles dropping this year with some dope visuals. Expanding my pen for sure as I’ve been writing for other artists and just experimenting with the music I create and the people I create with. I want to travel through as many experiences as I can and document them as best as I can. I just want to stay consistent and grow with my work.

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