Ruby Grace Releases Sensual New Hit “Lipgloss”

Ruby Grace, a 20 year-old singer from Belgium has a beautiful voice that hovers between pop and soul just like her great inspiration Amy Winehouse. Ruby Grace combines her voice with electro-pop. With her original sound and self-written music, she creates an intriguing atmosphere that’s sure to move people! The release of her single “Lipgloss” is a sensual hit cultivated with a fascinating mix of melodic butterflies, electronic flowers and real honey! A mysterious, idyllic and floating setting that you don't want to let go. “Lipgloss” will attract you into a musical sensation you won’t ever forget! Ruby has this edgy and fervent voice that’s so distinct to her brand and artistry you can’t seem to compare her to anybody else.

“Lipgloss” is the perfect type of tune suitable for her particular yet sultry vocal resonance. The catchy electro beat that’s creditable to producer Pieter-jan alongside Ruby’s enchanting voice helped birth this prevailing hit song. Ruby Grace has all of the ingredients needed to become the next big thing in pop music and with a star quality song like “Lipgloss” under her belt, she will no doubt be a force to be reckoned with in the music industry!

Listen to "Lipgloss" here and check out our exclusive interview with Ruby Grace below!

How was living in Belgium? Did living there influence your music?

I was born and raised in Belgium and still live there. It’s an interesting country for young creatives because there is a lot of up-and-coming talented people who want to help each other reach the top. I feel that my generation specifically nurtures a lot of young creative people who want to make it and work hard to achieve their dreams.

Living here has certainly influenced my music. I feel like we have had a great ‘new wave’ era that has been a great inspiration to me – even though you won’t always notice this in my music. I love the beats and simpler lyrics that allow you to make up your own story. If I had to choose my favorite Belgian artists, I would have to say the beats of The Subs speak to me but also the ones from Stromae– I’m in love with everything he ever produced. I’m mostly influenced by foreign electro pop and soul artists, because I like to combine the two styles and add a bit of a new wave twist.

Noting that ‘Amy Winehouse’ is one of your musical inspirations, what was your favorite song by her and why?

My favourite Amy song…why are you doing this to me! :-) If I really have to, I’d go for ‘What Is It About Men’. This is the first song I ever sang in studio. I think I was 16 years old when I started to reach out to people in the music business to show them what I could do. One of them invited me to a studio. I was so nervous when they asked me to pick a song… I had just been listening to the song in my car so I instinctively went with that. I sang it will all my heart and that’s how everything started really. Today I’m here, my single Lipgloss is out and there is an entire EP waiting to be released. I really believe that this all started at the point where I sang “what is it about men”. So that’s why this song has an extra special meaning to me.

“Lipgloss” is most certainly a hit, what was the most fun in creating this single?

Definitely the writing part. My producer sent me this beat when I was on the train and I immediately started writing. I like writing about specific themes because they allow me to use pseudonyms ánd allow others to think further or to make up their own meaning. 

How I came up with it? That day I was talking to my friends and they told me that my dark lipgloss is my trademark. So I started writing and felt it was going to turn into a sassy love song. The lyrics “Only he can ruin my lipgloss, only he can lick it off” and “I put it on, you eat is up” say it all, really. 

How does “Lipgloss” differ from your other music?

It’s not an average love song. It’s a song about cosmetics: kissing your boyfriend or girlfriend so passionately that you leave no lipgloss behind. Lipgloss is a song for boys who like kissing and girls who like Lipgloss, or the other way around.To some this might seem shallow, but I know the audience I’m going for is loving it. This doesn’t mean that my other songs are like this, though. I just think every song has a vibe of its own, and this was a vibe I was going for at that moment. I wanted it to be simple with an extra sparkle.

What is the legacy you hope to leave behind you and your career?

I want to create my own voice, my own style, my own trademark. I want people to hear my voice or lyrics and instantly recognize RubyGrace. I think, as an artist, it’s important to have a particular trademark so that fans can recognize you easily. I want to make it as a successful artist by doing it my way and not always compromising. Right now, I’m working on my cover shoot and my live performance. I’m looking forward to the future!

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