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"Run Away," Into The Luscious Melodies Jack Hawitt Presents

Jack Hawitt is about to have an exciting year. As a Northern artist and songwriter whose writing credits extend to Pharrell Williams and Megan Thee Stallion, Jack Hawitt is making a name for himself in the industry.

With Jack Hawitt’s solo releases to date being supported by Spotify, BBC Introducing, Clash magazine, and Metro, he is determined to stay consistent with his undeniable work ethic, and the messaging he places in the music he creates.

As Jack Hawitt shines brightly in the glorious arrangement of symphonic strings, and prevailing piano keys, the ethereal ambiance of this Electro-Pop amalgam is what we all know and love as, “Run Away.” Fusing together an anticipating organization of expressive emotion through a mid-tempo ballad, the timbres of Jack Hawitt’s irrefutable reverberations pulsate through your speakers as you hang on to each word he utters.

His songwriting techniques are placed high on the totem pole as he sends you through a wave of assurance in this perfectly balanced concoction of space and time that radiates through the tones offered up. The top-quality production elements allow the larger-than-life sounds exuded to ricochet through your mind and linger in place, long after the composition is complete.

The lyrical content sways toward melancholy as you embrace themes of heartbreak. However, with the projected vitality that cascades with the brilliant melodies conveyed, you realize that “Run Away,” walks the fine line of a bittersweet thesis.

As Jack Hawitt continues to amaze us with his talents, there is no surprise that the music video to accompany, “Run Away,” displays a cinematic reel of a black and white film exploring an intimate setting.

If you’re looking to have all the glory that Jack Hawitt exemplifies in a stripped-down setting, well he has you covered. With, “Run Away (Stripped),” taking you on a sonic expedition of glimmering keys, and a rising presentation of the strings, Jack Hawitt’s comforting vocals reinforce that he truly does it all.

Congratulations on the release of, “Run Away.” What inspired the lyrical content that we hear on this track?

The story of run Away is a blip in a relationship. In a nutshell, it's that when you're so close up to your problems it's hard to see a way out but once you step away and appreciate what you have you can see why you're in the relationship in the first place.

We think it's genius to offer up a stripped-down version of, “Run Away.” What encouraged you to release that to the public?

I really love the uptempo feel of Run Away but when I was playing it on the piano it also felt really good as a ballad and when I got the strings sent over from Lara I had to make a piano/stings version because they were so beautiful! So get ready for the stripped version on 12th March!

You’ve dabbled in various creative avenues throughout your career. Have you found a part of the creative process that you enjoy the most?

I do a lot of songwriting for other artists and have done a few bits of production for different projects but I think the thing I really love to do is just collaborate with other creatives. Working with other people and brings ideas from all angles into the mix which takes things to another level in comparison to just working alone. This is why I always collaborate on my own project and work with producers and other writers. Run Away is produced by a super talented producer called Warriner who produced my previous release Almost Lost You and I love his style. He also played drums on the track and we used Lara Simpson and Miriam Wakeling who recorded strings for us and Joe Smithson on Guitar. The input from all of these angles makes it really special.

In the visuals for, “Run Away,” was that always the creative direction that you had in mind? How did everything unfold creatively for this process?

For the visuals, I worked with the incredible Russell Kent Nicholls and Pierra Goff. I was so excited to work with this team again after we filmed the music video for my Mr. Brightside cover which was used for the launch of Sony's Playstation 5. For Run Away I wanted to create a really stylish video and had the idea to do it in Black and White referencing a Pacco Rabanne Advert. Russell's creative eye, camera work, and editing made the vision come to life and Pierra's photography really brought the whole project and branding together.

What can we expect to see next?

Next is the stripped version of Run Away which is released on 12th March and I've also shot another music video for that which I'm really excited about. I have lots more music in the pipeline and my debut EP on the way so look out for that!

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