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"Runaway" From Negativity With BeatsbySolitaire's Latest Release

From Chicago, Illinois, the long-time engineer and producer BeatsbySolitaire team up with some of Chicago's most promising acts for his latest project, 'BLK LBL.'

BeatsbySolitaire has long impressed the Chicago music community with his dedication and relentlessness to his craft. He's been producing music for over ten years and felt inspired to create a project that features some of the top acts he's enjoyed working with, leading him to his highly-anticipated album, 'BLK LBL.'

To give our readers a taste of the project, we've decided to highlight our favorite track, "Runaway (feat. Tony Famous & Mykah Estelle)." This stunner of a song perfectly demonstrates BeatsbySolitaire's comprehensive understanding of quality and soul-touching music, and with the help from vocalist Mykah Estelle and rapper Tony Famous, he's able to bring his soulful and gripping vision to life.

Hitting play on the track, "Runaway (feat. Tony Famous & Mykah Estelle)," the song soothingly opens with chilling piano chords and Estelle's equally chilling and soulful vocals that touch on past mistakes and optimism for the future. As the warm and groovy beat jumps in, so does Tony Famous, and he begins to drench us in his soothing flow while discussing the trials and tribulations of success and growth.

This track offers this widely organic feel that takes us back in time to the 70s with the plucky basslines, soft string arrangements, and jazzy piano melodies. This song reminds us of a more natural and organic Thundercat, as BeatsbySolitaire creates this lush and dreamy sonic landscape to soothe the mind, body, and soul.

Feed your soul with BeatsbySolitaire's recent hit, "Runaway (feat. Tony Famous & Mykah Estelle)," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, BeatsbySolitaire. We love the soul and optimism within your recent hit, "Runaway (feat. Tony Famous & Mykah Estelle)." Did you have any particular concepts or themes in mind when creating this piece?

The thing about Runaway is that I created the music long before the song came to be. The song was written in its entirety by Tony Famous. We even did a version initially with him singing the chorus. We later decided to ask a woman to sing it and Mykah nailed it. The soulful mixture of her optimistic pain is palpable.

What inspired you to create the album, 'BLK LBL,' that showcases the various artists you've worked with around Chicago?

BLK LBL started as an "Instrumental/Beat Tape". Brian Sykes, who is our project manager at ISPro, was going through my old beat folder and asked what I was doing with all of these unused beats. While I was polishing up each beat I would have an ISPro artist poke their head in the production room and ask "Whatchu doing with that beat big bro?" Lol. They'd then sit down and proceed to write something to said beat and we'd record it. Well, this happened repeatedly throughout the pandemic and before I knew it we'd recorded a dozen songs. Most of which became BLK LBL

Would you say that "Runaway (feat. Tony Famous & Mykah Estelle)" is one of your favorite songs on the record? Could you explain your connection with this song?

"Runaway" is one of my favorite songs from the project. Along with Ghetto Messiah, Eddie King and Ease the Pain. I feel Runaway is one of those songs that everyone can relate to. I've battled with depression, anxiety, and overcoming those feelings so the lyrics hit home with me.

What's next for you?

Our organization ISPro has been releasing projects from some of our artists this 4th quarter.

2022 will consist of a series of showcases featuring our artists. As well as a BLK LBL Vol. 2

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