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Ryan Cabana Delivers Conscious Filled Raps For Everyone To Enjoy

Ryan Cabana releasedKilombo” and with an insane flow and hard-hitting lyrics we can tell you that this rising rap sensation will cause waves in the music scene in all the correct ways. His sound instantly captivated me due to his unique rap voice that seems individualistic from any other rap voice I’ve heard recently. My favorite part about “Kilombo” however is his substance. Ryan Cabana discusses the toxic and brainwashed mentality of the young generation today. His consciously filled raps is what today’s generation need.

Considering the fact that the youth is heavily influenced by the culture of hip-hop and the music that elevates their growth, artists like Ryan Cabana who projects good morals while not losing his “swag” that will translate well across an audience of hip-hop lovers is what makes him special and is much needed in today’s ethical rap music. The beat was extremely dope. It had the popular and appealing bass sound we love with an exquisite twist to the concurrent sound of rap beats. “Kilombo” is going to be a hit that many can vibe out to including you aggressive rap lovers all the way to you laidback calm-collected music lovers.

Listen to “Kilombo” here.

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