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Ryan Waters Band Reminisces On Once-Lit Flames In "Fireplace"

Taking the country music scene by the horns, Ryan Waters Band, led by Tennessee-based artist Ryan Waters, releases what might be their most poignant single to date titled "Fireplace."

The new track and accompanying music video directed by Sean Rogers is the band's first release after landing an exciting partnership with the Madden brothers and their label, MDDN.

Having quickly risen to fame through social media platforms and amassing an impressive following, The Ryan Waters Band has showcased immense versatility through hits like "Creek Don't Rise," "Tomorrow's Not Tonight," and "Chevrolet You Down." The momentum continues with the band's latest release.

"Fireplace" pairs Ryan's deepest emotions with clear-cut storytelling for a profoundly engaging listening experience. While capturing the essence of tough breakups and missing a past lover's warmth as the nights get colder, Ryan Waters confessed that he sprinkled in a bit of fiction for added depth. Still, "Fireplace" is more than a heartfelt track. It's a peak into the creative process of an artist who's unafraid to explore the ghosts of his past.

The song's music video offers a touching visual, beautifully edited by Baggio Barf, showing Ryan singing in an empty barn over an old piano, roaming the farm, and going through the motions while confessing what's really on his mind. If one thing's for sure, his ability to turn real-life narratives into a meaningful, impactful song is remarkable.

As he continues pushing the boundaries of contemporary country music, The Ryan Waters Band's recent signing with MDDN is just the beginning of what's to come. Preparing for an acoustic tour in 2024, the band is eager to release a compilation of acoustic versions of their original songs and covers.

While we wait for that, find "Fireplace" on all digital streaming platforms and catch the music video on YouTube.


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