Sabiine Takes Our Breath Away With Her Sultry Single, "Hotline"

The Atlanta-based Artist and Singer/Songwriter Sabiine is turning heads everywhere with her sweet and sultry single, "Hotline," off her recently released sophomore album, "Dragonfruit."

Basking in her sound residing under Dark Pop, Dance, Alt-Folk, and Hot AC, Sabiine takes little elements of each to serve listeners a sweltering sound that's positively irresistible. Writing her own melodies and lyrics, Sabiine is the next artist to keep an eye on. 

Through her recent hit, "Hotline," Sabiine takes listeners on a heated and sultry ride through her playful lyricism, delivery, and the song's overall blazing production. Not to mention releasing a stimulating music video where one can experience the intoxicating performance Sabiine delivers while dressed to the nine's and captivating anyone in her presence. 

"Hotline" begins with vibrant and punchy synths while Sabiine's filtered vocals make their heated appearance and begin to paint the song's sultry atmosphere. Continuing to mesmerize listeners through her appetizing lyricism and poised delivery, Sabiine takes it one step further within the song's music video and delivers an inevitably arousing and sexual performance strapped in leather and chains. 

Moving back to the single itself, the production offers a similar heated and sensual atmosphere through airy drum breaks, dark synths, and haunting background effects. While Sabiine continues to wow us with her naturally intriguing and charming delivery, the song comes to an end, and we're left wanting more. 

Sabiine has stopped us dead in our tracks with her powerhouse single, "Hotline," as she's clearly marking her spot as an enigmatic Pop artist delivering more than expected. 

You've genuinely wowed us with the release of your heated and sensual single, "Hotline." What inspired you to write such a powerful song with the utmost charm and sex appeal?

Well, first of all, thank you for the compliment, and thank you for your interest in "Hotline".  The video for "Hotline is definitely very sexy, but to me, the song is about relationships.  It's way more an "F-you" song than an "F-me" song if you know what I'm saying.  It's about a woman having enough and letting the other person know about it.  

With help from Producer Tyler Gunz on your recent album "Dragonfruit" featuring your single "Hotline," what did your creative process look like when formulating the sonics to offer this heightened sensation of lust and desire?

I'm blushing from that question and it's hard to make me blush.  Probably not what you're expecting.  Tyler and I play around with different beats and sounds, sometimes in a very free-form way and we'll record those sessions to see what sticks.  "Hotline" came from one of those improvisational sessions.  We were a little stuck on one of the other songs on my EP "Water" and we just said hey, let's take a break and work on something else.  We put down a lot of beats and most of them ended in the trash, but the hook and the main melodies came from there.  After that, I needed to find lyrics and like most of my songs, I built the lyrics of an emotional experience I was having.  In this case, some feelings I was having about a fall out with a friend. 

Seeing as you've recently released your sophomore album "Dragonfruit," what does the single "Hotline" bring to the table regarding the album's theme and concept?

"Hotline" is the anchor of the album in that I feel like it's accessible to a very wide audience.  It's got a dance beat that's sexy and grooves and I like to think the lyrics are pretty catchy.  It's a great introduction to me and my music.  I think probably the previous song of mine that it's most like is "Secrets" from the last EP.  Like all the songs on the Album "Hotline" was inspired by the emotions I feel and the relationships I'm in.  "Water", the first track of the album also has a dance floor foundation, but it's more open in the way it expresses my feelings about love.  "Still Miss You" is also a love song, but a totally different kind of one, about a love that's passed.  It's more of a song that you'd listen to on a Sunday morning than a Saturday night.  Finally "Laces You Tied" is a throwback chill pop song that's a little bit mysterious.  It's quiet, but it packs a punch.  

Now that you've released your sultry single, "Hotline" from your album "Dragonfruit," what should listeners anticipate from your forthcoming music? Should we expect more powerhouse singles that stimulate the listener's physical desire?

I'll just say this, I don't write my songs to "stimulate the listener's physical desire" but sex is a normal, healthy, wonderful part of life.  If sexiness is something listeners get from my vibe, that's not a bad thing at all.  I think at the core of sexuality is authenticity, emotional availability, and the willingness to be a little vulnerable.  I most definitely intend to continue to write music that builds from those attributes.