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Saegin Geum Fuses Together Country And Hip-hop With “Cowboy Drip”

Saegin Geum released the most dope fusion of country and hip-hop we’ve ever heard! His single “Cowboy Drip” pays homage to the traditional country southern roots. “Cowboy Drip” begins with an suspenseful introduction, leaving you wondering where the direction of the song is going to go. “I need a cowboy hat so the chicks can dig me” is the opening lyrics to the song and it instantly gave us a small cackle. The lyricism obviously became a witty,cheeky, and quirky vibe and in my opinion, the best part about the song. When he delivers his fire verse he transforms his voice into a stereotypical southern country boy to help reflect the theme of the entire song. It was a dope way to aesthetically combine together Country and Hip-Hop. Cowboy Drip could potentially be the song that transforms country lovers into rap lovers and rap lovers into country lovers! It’s the blend between both genres and he executed that fusion properly. ‘Cowboy Drip’ has this contagious energy to the song where you instantly subconsciously transform your mood into something more uplifting and exciting. ‘Cowboy Drip’ is an artistically brilliant way to present artistry and personality to his music.

Add the aesthetically sounding track "Cowboy Drip" to your Spotify playlist!


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