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Safehaven Breaks Ground With A Killer Self-Titled Debut Album, 'SAFEHAVEN'

Crashing the scene from Austin, Texas, is the alternative rock band Safehaven with their highly-anticipated self-titled debut album, SAFEHAVEN.

You know you're listening to Safehaven when you hear punchy alternative rock with a grungy musk and a sharp punk bite. The band was formed in 2020 by Austin Farley and John Sweeney. Together, they've played several shows and are ready to take the U.S. music scene by storm.

They're doing so by releasing a handful of consistently stellar tracks, like their recent cut-throat debut album, SAFEHAVEN.

Diving headfirst into this hearty listening experience, we're met with the introductory track, "THRILL ME...," which quickly takes off with the lead vocalists' tight and raspy vocals alongside crunchy and swift guitar riffs that blast into the first verse. If it isn't obvious, this song is packed with thrills, infectious energy, and exceptional musicianship. It's a no-bullshit track that kicks off the record with a bang.

Heading into track number two, "UGH...(DEADBEATER)," this striking anthem rips open with a lively alternative/punk instrumental that shifts into a stimulating verse. The loud and proud bass licks paired with Safehaven's overall buzzy and bulldozing instrumentals keep the ears entertained from all angles. This song takes a hard look at flaky, annoying people through a hard rock/grunge lens.

Spicing up the speakers is track number three, "SELF CENTERED GOWN," which takes us on a bluesy and sexual joyride with heavy melodies that melt our speakers. The vocalist dissects the prevalence of narcissists and, frankly, tells them to shove it. Safehaven uses this heavy and mid-tempo track to showcase more of a charismatic and whimsical performance, giving the album a dynamic feel only within three tracks.

Onto the fourth track, "THUNDERDOPE!," Safehaven crashes our speakers with gritty and heavy alternative rock instrumentals through crunchy guitar riffs and crisp drums that lead into the invigorating verse. It's another bluesy approach but maintains the essence of Safehaven's alternative, grunge, and punk style. There's one thing for sure; we're waiting to get our hands on some dank "THUNDERDOPE!"

Leaning into the album's first instrumental with track number five, "FEMME FATALE (LOVESTRUCK)," this song is quite the dynamic listening experience. It's an interlude-type piece that reeks of anticipation, passion, and lust. The beaming guitars, dense bass licks, and tight drums bring all the passion and power we could ask for.

Landing on the album's sixth track and halfway point, "JUNKYARD WIZARD MAGIC," Safehaven quickly throws us into one of the most stimulating songs of the album. The instrumentals are so engaging, keeping our ears locked and our toes tapping from top to bottom. We can tell Safehaven put their heart and soul into this killer tune; it reminds you to never give up and keep your next moves on the down low.

On track number seven, "ENCHANTED FOREST," Safehaven says a friend was talking about fairies from a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. When someone asked if they had fairy strip clubs, this striking song was born. It's a tightly-wound, sexual, steamy, and exhilarating track that packs all the lust and desire we could imagine. The transitions are seamless, and the band does an excellent job of ramping up the listener's energy.

Before we know it, Safehaven takes us back to the rage, power, and grit of Woodstock '99 with track number eight, "SCATFEST." It's an incredibly powerful and ear-ringing hard rock/punk track that bites the speakers with blazing guitars, pounding drums, and men riddled with angst. The song looks at how someone is coping with how someone else tried to ruin their life, and we can hear that hatred and disgust leak through the band's incredible performance stylings.

On the ninth track, "BRAIN WORMS," we see a different, primal, and animalistic side of Safehaven that's equally as engaging as it is exciting. The band uses this track to dissect the bloated, over-saturated media we gaze at day after day and its horrible impact on the public. It's a deeply conceptual song that takes us into the fiery hellscape that is Safehaven's instrumentals...and social media.

Onto a more familiar track, "TOMORROW'S GONE," this song is a cover of Charlie Megira's dreamy hit. This time around, Safehaven puts a grungy twist on the cover and delivers their own unique interpretation. It's definitely refreshing to hear this softer and more introspective side of Safehaven, and we're sure listeners will appreciate such a trippy and psychedelic spin on this dreamy and deeply emotional classic.

Inspired by a trip to Tucson, Arizona, the album's eleventh track, "QUEEN OF MARS," shakes the speakers with growling electric guitar riffs and crashing drums right off the bat. Safehaven's lyrical imagery in this song is top-tier; they have no problem inviting the listener into a completely different world while telling them to shut up and bow down to the "QUEEN OF MARS." It's a head-bopping, chilling rock anthem that's sure to satisfy your musical cravings.

Reaching the album's twelfth and final track, "WATCHING THE LIGHTNING," we're met with a bright and beaming electric guitar alongside tight bass licks and punchy drums. Impressively, this was the first track Safehaven ever wrote, and it's one of the most chilling, dynamic, and stimulating rock instrumentals we've ever heard. If you're looking for a track to better understand Safehaven and where it all began, this song is your best bet.

It's not every day we stumble upon a band that knows how to satisfy the listener's cravings. If you're ready to take a wild ride into the world of alternative rock, grunge, and punk, buckle up and lock into Safehaven's debut self-titled album, SAFEHAVEN, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Safehaven. Congratulations on releasing your jam-packed debut album, SAFEHAVEN. When did you first start executing ideas for this album? How long did it take to create the project?

It was a gradual process of writing the song and putting it out there as a demo, it took a bit of courage to release the album cause I wasn’t sure how it’ll perform, but it’s doing well so far. Recording the actual songs didn’t take too long; it took about a month from late July to early august, and it flowed very easily.

Were there any themes or concepts you wanted to tie into the SAFEHAVEN album? What would you say the album is about?

There’s a lot of call-to-action stuff mixed in with betrayal and fantasy. It’s definitely not consistent with one idea, I guess the album is just about how fun the songs are.

Could you introduce us to your members and what your creative process looked like in the studio when creating SAFEHAVEN? What was that experience like?

Well, me (Austin) and John on bass knew what we had to do. Record the songs and slap them on Spotify. The creative process was trying to add something new to each song that was better than the demos I created by me. It was challenging and was like a revelation at times, but it took a bit of arm sweat and courage to add something new cause I don’t like changing the original song a lot.

Which song from SAFEHAVEN means the most to you and why? Why does that song stand out to you?

"Queen of Mars" and "Thrill Me." I wrote Mars when I was on a trip to Arizona with my family and saw the barren desert landscape surrounding the highway we were on, and it kinda reminded me of mars a bit. I wrote "Thrill Me"… after I saw one of the most boring acts to play on a stage. I’m not gonna say who, but take my word for it, they’re not acrobats, haha. I wrote that song out of frustration and to say, “Give me a great show cause that’s what I want!” It’s always my number 1 priority to give the best show to the best of Safehaven’s ability, and it’s working out great.

What was your favorite part about creating the SAFEHAVEN album? What moments or experiences did you appreciate most?

My favorite part is when John could call me asking if the bass track he recorded was ok. "Enchanted Forrest" stuck out to me cause when I played it, the bass was thick and heavy on this specific song. I was like, “holy shit, that’s nasty; I love it!” Check out our debut album on Spotify!


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