SaifLove Blends The Old With The New In "Be Cautious"

We bring to the BuzzMusic community Arab American singer/songwriter: SaifLove. Born and raised in Orlando, FL, SaifLove has smashed through to the music scene in early 2018. Despite the somewhat-new entrance into the music scene, SaifLove curates music that is full of such diverse dynamics that you would think he'd been creating tracks for years. Let us just say that the R&B/soul community really needs the kind of music SaifLove is offering right now. He brings contemporary production to a familiar, old-school vibe. We appreciate that kind of integration of varying elements into a track, as it definitely can't be easy to blend together tones of opposite ages. But SaifLove does exactly this, and with apparent ease. 

SaifLove is creating that The Weeknd type vibe with the overall production of his new track "Be Cautious" (I'm talking tempo, rhythm and definitive execution). Vocal-wise, we can compare the likes of SaifLove to early 2000's R&B style, and we seriously love the blend of modern synths combined with old-school vocalism! The echoing effects throughout the track create a hypnotic atmosphere for the listener--this is the element to SaifLove's "Be Cautious" that made the track stand out to me, as it amplified the sensual experience. The hard-hitting beats contrast well with SaifLove's honest and soft tone. SaifLove's voice honestly melts into your heart, and I think I have a new artist obsession (I definitely know I have a new artist obsession). We're all vibing along heavy to "Be Cautious" and we know the BuzzMusic R&B fans will too, for sure!

Check out "Be Cautious" here, and continue reading for SaifLove's exclusive interview!

Hey SaifLove! Please introduce yourself to our BuzzMusic community!

What's up BuzzMusic Community! My name is SaifLove (pronounced Safe Love) because your Love is Saif with me. I’m a singer/songwriter born and raised in Orlando, FL. I’m all about good times and major vibrations! 

What were some challenges you faced while curating "Be Cautious"?

One of the biggest challenges I had was getting the correct adlibs and delays done for this track. More so am referring to the placement of adlibs versus the actual singing of them. Too many, too little or wrong placement of adlibs can really change the dynamic of your song. 

What's the main integrated message in "Be Cautious" that you tried to communicate with your listeners?

The message of this song originally was a message to my significant other that there is no need to be cautious because, I got us! "You can have the keys to all this" if you stick through it all with me, the good and the bad. But on a bigger scale than that, don't be cautious in life. I speak for most when I say, we worry too much, especially about our future. Be patient and when the opportunity arises, don’t be cautious. Take this risk and ump out of your comfort zone. 

How has the music scene been to you since you recently debuted as an artist in 2018?

Each day is different, some good, some bad. There's a lot of LOVE in the air, I can say that!!

We're incredibly pumped to hear what you're coming out with next! Any tracks in the works as we speak?!

For sure! I have completed tracks getting ready for release (looking like August/September). I’m working on my first EP, some collab singles and potential collab EP with a few artists/producers I’m working with. Lots in the works, exciting things coming!


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