Sail Into Bliss With Sarah Mansour's New Single, "When You Call"

Photo Credit: Aya Sophie Saleh

From Beirut, Lebanon, singer-songwriter and r&b recording artist Sarah Mansour soothes the soul in her latest cathartic and personal single, "When You Call."

Sarah Mansour has always been a lover of all things art. From the tender age of three, she was performing in festivals, school shows, choirs, and musicals. After a six-year stint of filmmaking in LA, Sarah Mansour moved back to Beirut and focused on her solo music career.

After going through a difficult transition period, Sarah Mansour began looking to songwriting for therapy. She says, "peace was restored when I was able to hear myself sing." Now teaming up with her old school friend and producer Joe Pietro Abela for the new single, "When You Call," Sarah Mansour is one step closer to greatness.

Listening to "When You Call," this soothing earworm begins with chilling and downtempo RnB keys alongside jazzy drums and soothing guitar melodies. As Sarah Mansour begins singing about navigating through turbulent situations, she calmly lets us know that self-care and growth are essential to escaping toxic habits and people.

The song's hook is this incredibly serene and ethereal listening experience that soothes the soul with Mansour's angelic vocals and chilling harmonies. As the instrumentals continue lifting us onto cloud nine through groovy basslines and sweet drum breaks, Sarah Mansour sends us to the outro with sincere servings of independence, freedom, and putting yourself as a top priority.

Leave regrets in the past and start a new, empowering journey with help from Sarah Mansour's recent harmonious single, "When You Call," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Sarah Mansour. We truly admire your new single's self-care and growth themes, "When You Call." What compelled or inspired you to create such an empowering yet soothing piece?

Ultimately, “When You Call” is a song about embracing yourself. I wrote it as an ode to releasing negative attachments and introspecting within, even if it means confronting the most uncomfortable realities. After living in LA for years, I moved back home to Beirut and found myself devastated by the tragedies that swept up my country overnight. During a time that changed my life forever, I started writing music again and finally found my sound. This song is a testament to this chapter of my life: finding your inner power while maintaining your peace.

What was it like working alongside your school friend and producer Joe-Pietro Abela for "When You Call?" How did he help bring your vision to life?

Working with Joe-Pietro was a feeling both familiar and completely new. We hadn’t seen each other in eight years, but there was instant chemistry between us. From the first mix of “When You Call”, I realized that Joe-Pietro has a rare gift for translating anything you express with words into music. He has such an affinity for connecting with different genres that I believe there’s nothing he can’t make. There’s a magical harmony between us at the studio and we’ve continued working together on all my upcoming releases ever since.

Why did you want "When You Call" to have this soothing and jazzy vibe to it? How do these calming instrumentals enhance your lyrical theme?

“When You Call” conveys a big theme in a subtle way. When you have something important to say, I feel people generally pay more attention when you deliver the message gently than when you shove it in their face. That’s why I’m so inspired by RnB, Soul, and Jazz - artists like Sade, Erykah Badu, and Lauryn Hill. They exude such sass and divine feminine energy and never try too hard because they have nothing to prove.

How can listeners get to know you more personally with "When You Call?" How does this song represent you?

I’m a big advocate for staying true to you because it took me a long time to put my own doubt aside and just share my real self with the world. I think that’s what this song is all about at the core and I want anyone who listens to it to feel empowered by the message.

What's next for you?

“When You Call” is only the first released single of the EP album I’m recording right now. I have another single release coming this summer, which I’m super excited about! It’s a little

different because it’s a full-on pop song but it’s going to be fun. Aside from that, you can catch me performing my original music at shows and prepping for my very own concert at the end of the year.

Photo Credit: Aya Sophie Saleh