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Saint Brings the Passion in, "I Got It"

Being the son of a retired record producer, Saint has taken his unique background and used it to create his own art.

He has utilized his experience working with other artists and producers over the past seven years in his own personal artistic development. Hailing from South East London, of Afro/Native St. Lucian and Irish descent. His wide vocal range and melodically driven songwriting style were inspired by the golden era of R&B/Hip-hop and have him in his own musical lane.

Floating into the buoyancy of his most recent single, “I Got It,” we get the pleasure of being submerged in a vibrant soundscape that is true to the artistic nature of Saint on various levels. The lavish timbres that he radiates speak to us on a personal level as we feel a sense of intimacy crawling into our headphones.

Cascading with an instrumentation that is animated in its production of upbeat intensification, “I Got It,” comes off as the perfect club hit to grace us in time for the simmering summer weather upon us. As the song evolves, we get to experience Saint’s expressions from diverse angles as his textured croons sway us in and out of lively cadences. With the extensive range of depth that trickles from the musical layers presented, this sonic voyage wraps around you before drawing you into its gravitational pull.

Creating a blissful utopia that resonates with audience members far and wide, Saint doesn’t compromise his integrity to fashion a brilliant canvas that transports us to newfound dimensions. Lacing us into an anthem so effervescent and alluring, we can’t help but run it back in order to pick up on the overall quintessence oozing from “I Got It.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Saint, and congratulations on the release of “I Got It.” The entire vibe of this song just sets a playful tone for listeners to fall back on. What was your inspiration behind this song?

Thank you, I was quite excited about this single coming out! In the past, I’ve stayed mainly in the vein of contemporary R&B with some Pop influences when I write but this was the first dance track to be heard from me. It’s very fun, positive messages all the way. A few years ago I was writing demos in the house/dance genre and I wrote a track called ‘In The Light’ which was sent to me by DJ Zowie; who had big chart success at the time. His second project never actually came out, then a cousin of mine (Kenwin Blades) sent me the music for ‘I Got It’ a year later & it gave me the same lifted vibes. It talks about being in love and wanting to be the best for that person and also for yourself, but since life is so short you end up just trusting the light inside and moving forward in confidence instead of worrying.

In your own words, what does “I Got It,” mean to you? What are you hoping that your fan base grasps from this release?

For me "I Got It" is a self-affirming line but also, I think it's good for others to hear it being said too. We can’t ever know what’s around the corner; especially in relationships. So hearing it being said; even if you don’t have that confidence can perhaps inspire you to keep going. To be honest, I hope my listeners just have fun playing this one as it’s definitely got a - ready for Summer 2021, care-free feeling to it. We had the official video shot in London, and I decided to not focus the M/V on me and instead we shot a short visual starring a diverse group of best friends trying to make the most of everything, seeking happiness and finding love on the way.

We were excited to hear that earlier this year you announced your first mainstream project in the form of a re-mastered compilation album. Could you please share a glimpse of what we can expect from this body of work?

Yes that’s right! ’Saint Remastered’ is a new full-length LP comprised of songs I’ve written and sung from as early as 2013 onwards. I had the opportunity to pick a bunch of faves and they were remastered with a whole new Dolby Sound. In the end, 12 tracks ended up on the release with the new single "I Got It" also featured on the album as the lead single. My re-mastered LP is out to stream & buy everywhere now, so make sure you guys have a listen and let me know which is your fave song.

Being in the industry for a lengthy period of time, what have you noticed about your growth as an artist from your first release to now?

Yes, quite lengthy now I stop to think about it! Growth for me as an artist, I now know is a gradual learning process. Finding your voice, learning to love your tone, your sound, and what you want to write about can take time. I wrote and recorded my first demo accidentally when I was 17 in Rotterdam, Holland. My Uncle & a producer of mine then just suggested it as fun. It clicked for me, and I knew straight away this was my thing. My father was also a producer when I was younger and my family has a few talents scattered around it, so it was almost inevitable I guess. I just didn’t know that I had a talent for what I already found as fun. Since then, I’ve had live promotional tours with the likes of Jar Music, Absent Kelly, and RCA. I’ve released mixtapes and EP’s but now as a fully indie artist, I’m ready to take that growth, move forward, and have a rebirth. The remastered LP is a good transition and I hope to start work on my next full body of work towards the end of 2021.



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