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Saint Makes Waves in the World of Contemporary R&B

The son of a retired record producer, Saint grew up in South-East London in an environment that emphasized the beauty of music, which is how he first discovered his passion.

Coming from Afro/Native St. Lucian, and Irish descent, Saint accidentally wrote his first demo at the age of seventeen. With encouragement from his uncle, who transitioned into the role of one of Saint's trusted producers, Sain's music career began to take off.

After working alongside countless talented artists and producers for the past seven years, the up-and-coming artist Saint has found his niche in the world of R&B. Aiming to maintain the essence of contemporary R&B, the open-minded artist often infuses aspects of Pop and Hip-Hop into his tracks. For fans looking to appreciate soulful instrumentation alongside confidence-boosting lyrics, Saint checks all the boxes.

In a recent interview with BuzzMusic, Saint shared his perspective of his own evolution as an artist. The London native stated: “Growth for me as an artist, I now know is a gradual learning process. Finding your voice, learning to love your tone, your sound, and what you want to write about can take time.”

Discover more about Saint, here.


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