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SAL Captures The Bittersweetness Of A Love Dimmed Atmosphere In “Red Wine"

Photo Credit: Simon Curran

The Irish songstress and songwriter detail the difficulty of letting go of something that used to be exceptional on her new release.

With her emotionally charged vocals and heartfelt lyrics that capture the hearts of her listeners, SAL Irish singer-songwriter SAL is poised to make a significant impact in the music industry. A keen and naturally gifted songwriter and vocalist of great ability, SAL blends folk, soul, and pop elements to envelop listeners in lush and emotional soundscapes that capture the imagination and stimulate the senses.

SAL's first three singles, "Bullet In The Heart," "Everything," and "Merry Go Round," were warmly received by radio and music media in her native Ireland, with the latter going to No.1 on the Irish iTunes charts. Her simple yet layered and sophisticated artistry and captivating performances have earned her a growing fanbase and opportunities to share the stage with some of Ireland's most prominent musicians. SAL recently completed a cafe tour of Ireland with acclaimed singer-songwriter Louis Cormack and opened up for Hermitage Green in Galway's Black Box.

SAL’s latest release, “Red Wine,” showcases her rare storytelling ability and penchant for enveloping listeners in a musical fantasy of her creation. Over instrumentals feature perfectly balanced bass lines, acoustic guitars and accompanying slide guitars that wind in and out of focus. SAL’s vocals take you away, whisking you to a story that details the difficulty of letting go with lyrics like “You’re my, red wine / you’re my, sweet crime.” Recorded out of a Cork-based collective called Catalyst, in “Red Wine,” SAL has managed to perfectly capture a bittersweetness that will surely tug on listeners’ hearts.

“Red Wine” is a beautifully crafted song that showcases SAL's ability to tell a compelling story and capture the hearts of listeners. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream SAL’s “Red Wine,” available now on all major streaming platforms.


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