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Saltwater Flows Deep As They Spread Hope and Healing in Their Recent Single “One More Day”

In their recent single "One More Day," Saltwater shows gratuity, humility, and passion all in one, the record, is accompanied by the perfect production to bring us a joyous feeling we've longed for.

Saltwater is an acoustic trio based in Tel-Aviv, Israel, that plays original alternative folk music. The trio met back when they were studying for an undergraduate music degree. Fast forward to 2019, they started singing and playing their instruments in Jaffa Port and the surrounding seas.

Saltwater simultaneously recorded and created their own original music while performing at local venues. Each three carries an equal amount of responsibility; therefore, they thrive on making music with deeper connections and relatable inner-personal experiences.

Welcomed by Saltwater, we experience a sense of calmness and peace as the vocals and instrumental merge so gracefully to give us hope and a sense of relief in "One More Day."

The road is bright as Saltwater starts with the most beautiful piano keys, and as Eliana enters, she blends in so effectively with Doron & Tal to formulate the most flourishing record you've heard. Eliana talks about how she wishes things were different than how it is in lyrics like "Why couldn't he save just another day" and "Then how are we to blame." We identify the feelings and questions asked in "One More Day," which are entirely relatable for most at the most challenging moments of their lives.

Saltwater continues on to talk about her thoughts and the endless craving for better, not only for them but everyone. She mentions how she wishes one day, granted, would spare us all of life's hurt, heartache, and pains. We can see how three minds work way better than one as every part, every lyric and every feeling is so unique, "One More Day" gives us hope, to know everything will get better if we take it one day at a time.

Ending off, Saltwater melodiously sings with passion, drive, and deep emotion. "One More Day" is a tune we enjoyed as the trio beautifully takes us out with the chorus singing "One More Day."

Let's take our time on this journey with Saltwater and their recent single "One More Day."

Welcome to BuzzMusic Saltwater, and congratulations on your latest release, "One More Day." We can feel the emotion and strife you put into "One More Day" what inspired this vulnerable yet heartfelt piece?

This song was written by vocalist Eliana Lila during a moment of deep longing. It expresses a feeling of pain and regrets over lost moments but at the same time holds a sense of hope and gratitude that as long as we are still here, there is still time to learn and grow. There is a lot of pressure in this crazy modern world to do things right and to do them fast. However, each of us has our own pace at which we move forward, and this song talks about honoring that pace.

Could you expand on the songwriting lyrics and production for "One More Day?" What did the three of you appreciate most about it?

This song is really special to us because it was written specifically for our band. It was custom-made for our three voices and personalities, which is why we are so connected to it. The lyrics touch on a universal emotion we think many people can relate to -- hope for a second chance. The first time we sang this song together, something just clicked. It was like we found our own unique voice as a group, as Saltwater. This experience affected the way we sang and performed afterward. It was as though we had become one organism. Each one of us also went through rough moments during the recording process of this song. Having a joint project to pour our hearts into together was a powerful experience. It brought us closer together as friends and bandmates and enhanced our creativity. It was important to us that 'One More Day' be our first release. Sharing music with the world has been exciting yet, in some ways, terrifying. So for us, it was very helpful to have this song as a reminder to take things slowly and gently and not to be too harsh with ourselves. We had a constant reminder that our goal was to connect with people. How does "One More Day" contrast with the previous release? How does the song stand in terms of lyrics, concept, and sound?

'One More Day' is our first release. We look forward to sharing more songs and, eventually, our debut album.

What impact do you hope this record has on your listeners?

This song was written and recorded with much love and compassion. We really hope that it will inspire listeners to view their hardships in a compassionate light and allow people to connect with themselves and with others. We often wish we had more time, and the beauty is - we do.

What's next for you? We are so excited to continue to share our music with the world. We have been playing together for quite some time, but we now finally have the chance to share our songs worldwide. We are looking forward to releasing our second single during the next couple of months and later releasing our debut album. We plan to continue to perform locally and hope to expand and connect with audiences around the world.

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