Sam Mooney Releases New Single "Time Bomb" And We're Hooked

In his young career, pop/soul artist Sam Mooney has already reached #1 on the Itunes Singer/Songwriter chart, performed from coast to coast and shared the stage with many of his musical heroes. The release of his new single “Time Bomb” was a classic soulful pop hit that has a timeless effect that will make this song be remembered for days. With all elements of soul being embodied from the honeyed keys of the piano, to the melodic strings of the guitar, or even to his edgy, raspy, and soothing falsetto notes, “Time Bomb” is an emotional and dynamic single that can lyrically touch and intrigue its listeners into wanting more from the artist ‘Sam Mooney’.

The timeless effect however has to be my favorite characteristic of the entire tune. It takes you back to the good ol days of music when it had substance and attachment. What’s interesting about Sam’s voice in this song is his gritty vocals. He can crossover to a different genre like pop or rock if he wanted too. Sam Mooney has star potential and icon qualities about himself, his brand, and his music. “Time Bomb” is the perfect example that can support these claims!

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