Sam Varga Pulls on Our Heartstrings with Single "When She Falls"

Currently residing in Nashville, TN, comes artist Sam Varga. Recently making the move out to Nashville, Sam Varga went with a strong sense of passion that drove his continued success. As a serious writer, as well as performer, Sam Varga faces the music industry from a variety of perspectives. The product of Sam Varga as an artist? Emotionally raw music that feels mystic and full of inspiration. The reality of Sam Varga is that he gives listeners a story filled with truth, which makes it incredibly easy to connect with his intrinsic self.

Sam Varga's latest track "When She Falls" brings many genre stylings to light. The track expresses soft tones, delving deep into a heartfelt story filled with honesty and vulnerability. "When She Falls" is the right kind of track to listen to if you want to understand the emotional mindset of Sam Varga. It's intimate, and we feel like we can Sam Varga in a more innocent way with the way the song is constructed. There are so many light and airy aspects that make you feel like you're floating mindlessly, mixed in with a refreshing sense of harmony. Sam Varga attracted our attention immediately with "When She Falls", and kept it with his incorporation of various soundings, stemming from the prominent country-feel, as well as the slight electronic appearance. Sam Varga leaves us intrigued with what he'll bring next to listeners!

Check out Sam Varga's track "When She Falls" here.