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Samo Million Releases "Blessings"

Lesly Sam who goes by the stage name Samo Million” released his latest single titled “Blessings”. “Blessings” begins with a melodic rap instrumental before Samo Million begins to rap about how he’s waiting for his time to come and his day to arrive where he shines. “I’m just waiting on my blessings blessings blessings, I’m just waiting on my time time time” he sings in the hook. What’s relatable about this song is that many if not all of us has our own specific goals and dreams in life where we’re constantly working daily to achieve. He touches base on the goal-oriented and career driven mindset our society has and it’s why it’s the perfect record to feel more motivated in accomplishing the dream you’re longing for. It’s the musical metaphorical representation of hardwork and patience mixed with cool autotune, a sweet melody and a nice lyrical delivery. It’s the perfect vibe to play in your car radio on a nice freeway drive to collect your thoughts and think about the future that’s ahead of you.

Catch Samo Million's "Blessings" here, and get to know the artist better through our interview questions below!

Hi there, care to introduce yourself to our readers? 

All my Kings and Queens say Yoooooo!!! Hopefully y’all respond Yooooooo LOL. I go by SamoMillion I’m a songwriter, artist from Lil’ Haiti in Miami Dade County.

Do you recall the first song you’ve ever created? If so what was it about?  

Yes. The song was about broken promises. Basically, at the that time my middle school girlfriend had betrayed me and started dating my so called friend. Let’s just say that friendship ended immediately. 

How do you lyrically emote when writing a song? 

I follow the tempo and I have to be feeling what I am writing about or its not going to sound right when I record it! I’m all about the emotion of the production. And that’s what drives me to express myself creatively.

How impacting is your single “Blessings” to you? 

Wow! Every time I listen to it I ask myself did I really record this song. Damn, I really wrote this jewel. Sometimes when I fall short or stop believing in myself. I press play and man I glow up. I wrote “Blessings” to remind myself that these hard moments are only preparing me to be closer and more acceptant of my Blessing. 

What else can we look forward too from Samo Million? 

I’m pushing the envelope right now a lot of new sounds that I’m experimenting with. I’m really trusting my process and understanding that being an artist is not just not about me. But, about the right energy that I’m giving my audience. I want my artistry to help get others get thru whatever moment they are going thru good or bad. I just ask that you press play and feel the emotions I put out.  I want to leave a legacy or a mark on the world that can’t be erased. 


Connect with Samo Million on Instagram.


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