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SamoMillion With A Millionaire Sound; “Ballin’ Like The NBA”

SamoMillion is a Haitian American Artist, singer, Songwriter, and Entrepenuer who was born in Miami Florida, in a low income family. This cause Samo had to grow up quick, and take over the “man of the house” role at a young age. Samo had some struggles growing up which included fighting constantly, in which led to him being expelled. Nobody knew what SamoMillion was going through mentally, he had a hard time expressing himself and communicating to his peers. The only way he knew how to express himself was through music. Through his continued dedication, and passion for his craft, he landed himself a partnership with MotorMouthMusicGroup & his own imprint TeamMoneyNoSleep.

Needing a good message? Some self-confidence? And maybe a vibe too? Well Samomillion has you covered! Samomillion’s hit record “Ballin’ Like The NBA” proves to be a rousing showcase of the artist’s potential. Rich in complexity and soaked in detail, “Ballin’ Like The NBA” does more than just create a vibe, it lyrically moves the listener with an underlying message behind the trendy delivery. The auto-tune was tastefully executed within the flow of the rap, alongside incorporated in a smoothly-connected weave with the vocals. SamoMillion is more than just your typical rapper. He’s an intellectual artist who knows how to create a unique path way for the listener to become more connected with the music. “Ballin Like The NBA” welcomes the listener with open arms to fill in the missing void! This track was nicely done, and the vibe was on point! SamoMillion is sure to be a star on the rise.

Listen to “Ballin’ Like The NBA” here and get to know more about SamoMillion below!

Welcome to Buzzmusic SamoMillion! Thank you for sharing a bit about your background and upbringing, in what ways has this impacted your artistry today?

Life's impacts whether good or bad. Helped me craft stories to talk about thru my music. The easiest way to understand my background is by really listening to the mood of my music.

How has the journey been so far for you as an upcoming artist?

My journey has been no shortage of greatness and hard lessons. I feel I’m a promising talent that people can see my growth. And really see my come up from the before to after. I’m an open book right now.

What has been the most pivotal moment in your career so far!?

A showcase that I had last year December 2018 in South Beach, FL. I finally realized that I was meant for this. And it’s part of my life’s purpose. I commanded a room full of artists and who are doing the same thing as me. On-lookers and nay sayers that felt the impact of my performance and message.

Tell us about your song “Ballin’ Like The NBA”, what prompted you to write this?

I was just in my zone that day. I will never forget it I was playing basketball with my chains on. And the melody to “Balling Like The NBA” popped in my head. Reached out Miami producer “SL” harmonized the melody to him over the phone. Then I hit up Madd Chings studio in Broward County, FL. I sang him the hook we Vibed recorded it and he jumped on it. We face timed our business manager Manny “Manny3MG” Fuentes he heard it. And said whoa!!! do y’all understand that the NBA Playoffs start in one week. A week later on April 13th, 2018 we released it.

What could we expect from the next SamoMillion Release?

You can expect a lot more music, more visuals created by myself and my team. We are really pushing the envelope, and stepping outside the box. I’m just finding myself and creating my own wave musically, emotionally, physically, creatively, and spiritually.


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