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San Diego Native, Mr.Ruben Examines the Perpetual Need For Love On His New Single, “Addicted”

San Diego music producer, Mr.Ruben (Ruben Orzco) began his musical journey at the young age of 7 when he began playing the piano. Over the next twenty years, he learned the trumpet, drums, DJing, rapping, and songwriting, to round out his musical abilities.

Mr.Ruben's music all ties into his one motto “To do it for fun,” allowing him to release music that is filled with love and immense passion.

His new single “Addicted,” is filled with passion and emotion whether it is the light melody, strong rap lyrics, or instrumentals. The light vocals float above a moving and motivating base and instrumental line.

As the rap vocals join in they fit into the soft nature of the melody like a perfect puzzle piece to create the perfect vibe for listeners while still holding a soft intensity within. Lyrics like “I'm addicted to your love”, allow listeners the ability to feel connected to the music on a spiritual level due to its relatable nature.

Mr.Ruben has released three mix albums and one full beat album all within a year and a half. He shows no signs of slowing down his entertaining, powerful musical productions as we move into this new year and we can't wait to see what's next.

We love your new single “Addicted”, what was your inspiration for this piece?

There’s usually a special lady in my life that gives me inspiration for songs, on this song, it was a little bit from her and a little bit of personal life and universal life scenarios that most people can relate to.

Do you have any artists that you feel influenced by when creating your unique musical style?

My musical influences vary. Depending on what type of project I’m working on. I usually always reference Michael Jackson, Pharrell, and or Justin Timberlake. For rap music, I think of 90s rap artists for influence.

You mentioned that music production is a part-time venture for you, Since it is more of a hobby, what is your production set up like and how do you put together these singles?

A majority of my songs were created at my house. I have a pretty simple setup. Microphone, digital recorder, and my laptop. As of lately, I’ve been able to put songs together by just using my iPhone.

Having the ability to try so many various music styles, and instruments at a young age, how have you been able to incorporate this in your single and other tracks?

Instrumental beats that I’ve been using already come pre-mixed, there isn’t much work that I need to do once I’m inspired by the melody. I simply fill in the blanks with my creative compositions. My unique storytelling and writing are what I contribute to the project and my brand.

What has been keeping you inspired to create music?

I always have at least 200 different beats to choose from every year. I pick and choose what I like and sounds that are inspiring and universally relatable. Then I look to my personal life, things I’m going through, women I’m dating, relationships, work, dreams, etc. And then I just write.



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