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Sans Faute Stops Us In Our Tracks With Her Soulful Song “Fidget”

Los Angeles native Sans Faute is making waves with her enticing track “Fidget”. She sparks creative inspiration from being a writer, actor, and multi-instrumentalist while sparking the music industry with her slow and groovy ode to blues. Drawing inspiration from legends like Ella Fitzgerald, Joni Mitchell, and Heart records. Her track “Fidget” brings an intriguing and sensual take on down-tempo blues while delivering exceptional vocal arrangements perfectly laid overtop. The track's instrumentation brings imagery of a cloudy west coast with the arrangement of the track of guitars and bass. Sans Faute has captured the essence of soulful songwriting.

“Fidget” begins with a solo acoustic guitar, perfectly transitioning into a soulful downbeat on the drums and impeccable ambiance with beautifully dreary electric guitar chords. As it quiets down during the arrival of Sans Faute’s haunting vocals, she takes her majestic imagery to other levels with genuine lyrics like “Give all you can give, tout your morals to gloat”. She brings forward genuine messages with exceptional storytelling abilities, almost poetic, and perfectly grasps how to effectively blend lyrics with instrumentation. With elegant energy and passionate expression, it’s clear that the soulful track “Fidget” is only a taste of what Sans Faute has to offer.

Listen to "Fidget" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Sans Faute! We’re completely captivated by your mellow and passionate sound. Where did you draw inspiration for your track “Fidget”? Thank you for saying that! “Fidget” actually began as a guitar riff. I was just practicing one day- playing around with some chords and scales- and I stumbled into something I thought sounded really bluesy and cool. The way the notes were interwoven within the cadence of the rhythm made me feel uneasy, reminiscent of not quite having both of my feet on the ground. At the time that I was writing “Fidget”, the U.S. was in the midst of a huge political upheaval, and I think everyone was feeling elements of uncertainty that were very visceral. I just wanted to encapsulate all of those feelings, both physical and cerebral, and funnel them into music — almost like a snapshot of a specific point it time. It was an extremely cathartic process for me, and I hope to impart that catharsis upon everyone who listens.

You’ve mentioned that both your parents have musical backgrounds! How do you think this helped you as an artist yourself? I was exposed to such a wide variety of music at such a young age. I think this was the most influential and beautiful gift they imparted upon me as musicians. My mom grew up singing ballads, musical theatre compositions and jazz standards, so that’s inevitably what we would listen to in the house while cleaning or during long car rides. My dad grew up drumming along to Genesis records and idolized Gene Krupa and blues greats like B.B. King and Muddy Waters, so I was exposed to a lot of instrumental experimentation at his hands. My parents also played in several bands together as I was growing up, often practicing in our living room. Thus, I was surrounded by incredible musicians from a variety of different backgrounds who had spent years honing their particular instruments. I feel so blessed to have been able to just absorb all of that color and sound at such a young age. It imparted upon me the value of tireless practice and thorough education in pursuing creative expression through music. Your songwriting abilities create incredibly clear imagery. Is there anything that helps you channel your thoughts to a song? I do a lot of stream-of-consciousness writing and free-association. I usually write the music before working on the lyrics, and the movement of the tones influences the message I want to convey. If I’m struggling to put my thoughts into words, I’ll pick up a guitar or sit at a piano and play the music over and over again, in an effort to enter what I can only describe as a trance-like state. In this mode, I can often find random lines of lyrical and melodic inspiration, which I quickly write down or record. I try to trust that my subconscious knows what it wants to say and in what lines it wants to color, and do my best to allow it to come through. If nothing else, it always churns out some interesting imagery! Your vocals and instrumentation are definitely something to catch live! Any upcoming shows in 2020? Right now, I am in the process of producing and releasing some new music, so I haven’t been playing as many live shows. I’m devoting the majority of my time and creativity to writing. I do have a few shows coming up around Los Angeles in the next few months, though! Be sure to check out my Instagram for updates on when those dates will be! What can we expect to see next from you? I am extremely excited about this upcoming project on which I’m currently working! It will be a series of four singles released simultaneously over a period of four consecutive weeks. Each song leads into the next, in an effort to weave a cohesive narrative. It’s somewhat of a deviation from the music I am used to writing and is the most ambitious project I’ve undertaken as a musician and songwriter thus far. However, my producers and I are working hard to establish a sound and sentiment that is true to who I am as an artist. I think it’s going to tell a great story, and I am beyond grateful to be able to work with such talented and giving collaborators and artists to harness it!



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