Santiago YB Is The R&B Artist You Need To Watch Out For

Santiago YB is a 19 year old rap & r&b artist from Ottawa, Canada. His style is influenced by a wide variety of artists, ranging from artists like #BrysonTiller & #ToryLanez to Melodic rappers like #Gunna and #PnBRock. His versatility separates him from the other current mainstream artists from the nation's capital. He released his single “Too Real” and we can confirm to you that this song is a fresh hit that can potentially catapult this artist’s career. With a modish beat that people can vibe and jam too, “Too Real” sounds like a mainstream single, not only the younger generation would love but its witty lyricism is catchy enough for usage in captions across all social media platforms! It has a little utilization of auto-tune, a popular method in most hip-hop/R&B songs nowadays that pitch corrects the song. However, the most noticeable quality of the song would have to be the impeccable flow Santiago YB has. His ability to have proper rap circulation on beat is a representation of his artistry. He constantly showed us why he's a young prodigy that could be exempt from failure as long as he continues to stand out from his crowd and become the archetype for hip-hop music. Don’t forget to check out Santiago YB and see for yourself how he’s the next promising artist on the rise!

Listen to "Too Real".

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Instagram: @santiago.yb

Twitter: @santiago_yb