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Sapphyre Blu Hits “Rewind,” On Love With Her Latest Single

From Mansfield, Ohio, to Sacramento, California, singer-songwriter and versatile recording artist Sapphyre Blu releases a sweet and soulful single, "Rewind."

Sapphyre Blu knew from a young age that her music career would take her to new heights, and her dreams to make that reality have been blossoming ever since. Sapphyre Blu was able to master the melodic and emotional musical approach through her latest album, 'A Letter To Ivory,' which explored life's incredible journey.

The singer-songwriter's determination, focus, and willingness to explore have been key factors behind her success, and listeners can clearly hear these themes shine through on her latest single, "Rewind." The song offers this blissful blend of modern r&b and melodic pop with a few nods to contemporary country. We adore Sapphyre Blu's passionate performance in this track; she takes us through scenes of falling head over heels for someone who ended up needing space.

Hitting play on "Rewind," the song opens with twangy country-like instrumentals that brighten the song with love and life. As Sapphyre Blu makes her rhythmic and groovy vocal appearance alongside a bed of snaps, she begins to portray the emotions of loving someone special only to realize they're not entirely into the idea as she thought.

Reaching the stunning hook, Sapphyre Blu opens her heart and ponders the sleepless nights staying up crying for someone who wasn't entirely worth it. Although Sapphyre Blu sings a message of introspection and deep realizations, the song's entire tone offers this soulful and feel-good atmosphere that truly enhances the entire listening experience.

Witness Sapphyre Blu's power and poise in her latest single, "Rewind," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Sapphyre Blu. We adore the soulful and passionate experience you've offered with your latest single, "Rewind." What inspired the song's reflective lyrical content?

I first wrote Rewind as a form of self-therapy, an outlet. I was coming out of a "situationship" and was taking it pretty hard. Because I cared so much for the person and we're still friends it made it difficult to express much on the situation so I was holding a lot in. I felt like the only way to release and heal was to write it and sing it. It was originally for myself but I let a few peers hear it and they all assured me it was a hit and needed to be heard by the world because so many could relate.

Was it easy for you to write from the heart and be so vulnerable during your songwriting process for "Rewind?" How long did it take to write your passionate lyrics?

Honestly, it was fairly easy, when I'm inspired or going through it, the words flow out like water. It's basically like if I could speak to this person and say everything I want to say as simply as possible, what would I say? So it literally took me 5 mins to write the song.

What did you want to make the listener feel and experience when hitting play on "Rewind?"

I wanted the listener to go back to the moment when they felt exactly how I was feeling. I wanted the listener to feel like they were speaking to their significant other, saying everything they wanted to ever say but couldn't. And If they hadn't been through anything similar, I wanted to invoke the feeling through my raw emotions in the song. Either way, you're going to feel the story.

Where would you say your music lands on the broad genre spectrum? Do you feel most comfortable creating music under a specific genre?

I feel my music lands in the pop genre because I just create whatever sound I'm feeling in the moment, my other music that's been released sounds nothing like Rewind. Rewind itself I feel definitely falls into the Soul/RnB category for sure. I feel most comfortable being open to creating. I have RnB music, pop, hip-hop, I even have some country and rock coming so I'm just an artist period.

What's next for you?

I'm working on a visual for "Rewind." I have some more songs dropping this year. I'll have some performances coming up more towards the spring etc... Preparing some things for the Metaverse, so it's really exciting. I'm very excited for 2022 and can't wait to connect more with my fans!

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