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Sarah Itamah Separates the Bold From the Bland With Her Single, "Pride"

The up and coming Rapper and Singer/Songwriter Sarah Itamah is here to display her unique genre fluidity through her second released single, "Pride." Growing up in Calgary, Canada, Sarah Itamah is naturally inspired to make music after living in different locations like Russia, Nigeria, Malaysia, and more.

"Living in around eight cities in 19 years really brings perspective on people, what they like, value, who they are," stated Itamah when speaking upon what inspires her. Touching on the fact that we're all more similar than we think, Sarah Itamah creates music that reaches out to vast audiences through her non-conforming sound and engaging lyricism.

Through her second debut single, "Pride," Sarah Itamah gives us nothing but raw passion, poise, and power with each gripping element of this heated track. While rapping a savage message of independence and strength, listeners can bop their heads to the fiery production and haunting piano melody that stands as the production's focal point.

Listening to Sarah Itamah's track "Pride" the spicy single opens with layered piano melodies that offer this unique blend of Jazz and R&B. While also giving a profound ode to classic Hip-Hop with the organic drum breaks and highly melodic instrumentals, we already love what the single has to offer as we await Sarah Itamah to sweep us off our feet.

As Sarah Itamah begins vocalizing, she wastes no time and jumps into her flow with this natural sense of power and charisma. While delivering her quick wit to listeners through each rhythmic bar, we're completely captivated by the poised attitude Sarah Itamah embodies, as she spits flaming lyrics that separate the bold from the bland.

We're tapping our feet to the natural beat of Sarah Itamah's flavorful single "Pride," as she gives us a sweet taste of confidence to relish until the day is done.

We love the power and confidence you've brought with your groovy single, "Pride." What inspired your bars within the track?

Honestly, the beat inspired the lyrics more than anything else. Once I heard what my producer had sent I knew immediately what this song would be about. The truth is, I’m a writer and most of my music doesn’t reflect my personal life at all haha, I think of my music like a story I made that I’m telling people. However, the part about a guy asking me to pay for his hotel room for him and his girlfriend is 100% true.

Speaking on your bars once again within "Pride," why did you choose to write lyrics that display this fulfilling sense of independence and self-reliance?

I feel like the answer people are looking for here is something along the lines of “Oh I wanted women everywhere to feel empowered when they listen to Sarah Itamah,” or something like that, but the truth is like I said before, the beat brought such a good, “talk your shit” vibe and I loved it. Maybe I kinda just needed that for myself considering all the crazy things that happened in 2020 with covid and all.

We can't help but feel this Old School Hip-Hop sensation through the organic melodies and instrumentation within "Pride." Would you say that your sound is inspired by the natural and raw elements of Old School Hip-Hop?

Of course, I couldn’t even lie and say no, I think it’s pretty obvious too. I’ve been listening to a lot of Lauryn Hill, Queen Latifah, The Fugees, and Da Brat. They’ve all influenced my music and will continue to do so. Learning to take the classic old-school vibe and still make it sound modern has been pretty difficult, but hey that’s what makes music so exciting.

How can listeners get to know you and your music better through your released singles "Come Back" and "Pride"? How do the songs represent you and your sound?

I’m still pretty new with this whole music thing. So I’m still trying to figure out my song. I mean I have songs ranging from reggae to gospel that I’m working on. However, if there’s one thing I want to keep the same in all my music, it’s nostalgia. I want to be versatile but I know I still have my own unique sound.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

The truth is, sometimes I’m not. I’m still working on that- Staying inspired I mean. But I’m about to move across the country for my music and it’s a huge risk so right now I really feel like failure isn’t an option. I’m doing this for no one but myself.





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