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Sarah Mae Chilton is “Caving In,” and We Recommend You Follow Along

Country/Pop artist Sarah Mae Chilton hails from Nashville, TN, and has been crafting up new music to share with her authentic listening base. Her persona emulates warmth and charisma, ultimately working to allure listeners into her positive, fresh and witty lyrical approach.

The latest project release from Sarah Mae Chilton includes a sensuous, heartfelt single that she titled "Caving In." Along with the single release came an accompanying music video, in which Sarah Mae Chilton provides intimate, passionate, and purposeful visuals that are meant to enhance the atmosphere of the song.

"Caving In" may very well tug on some heartstrings, as the song's narrative ventures through the reality of finding true love, including the various emotions that surface as a result of such a milestone. Sarah Mae Chilton gets vulnerable and raw within this particular single, as she really delves into the thoughts behind finding love, especially a love that she thought she never would come across.

The storyline really is sweet, and the voice of Sarah Mae Chilton only adds to the flavor. She's everything you'd crave in a pop-inspired country song, and so we highly recommend your listening ears be graced with the vocal and visual presence of Sarah Mae Chilton in "Caving In."

Welcome to BuzzMusic Sarah, and congratulations on the debut of your single, "Caving In," and its music video. How are you feeling now that both are released to the music world?

I’m amazed. It’s so cool how one line is written on a sheet of paper, and you don’t know where it’s headed. Then a few weeks later you’ve written a song. Then a year later you rewrite some lyrics and record the thing. After that, you post in a Facebook group that you need a videographer stating that you only want someone who really likes the song. Then you find the right videographer. And boom. Four years later that little line is a completed vision. It was a beautiful project and I wouldn’t change a thing about how it all transpired.

What led to the construction of "Caving In," and its content? Was there a particular individual within your life that influenced its fruition?

Of course, there was! I fell in love! I wrote it in late summer around Nashville. The fireflies were all out and wow did my heart go on an adventure that made me forget about the Nashville music scene and all the drama. All I wanted to do was follow my heart and I was happy. My favorite line: This is our season and joy is our color!

Can you elaborate more on the elements exclusive to your sound and music that set it apart from other pop-inspired country songs?

I’d like to think of my music as country-inspired pop songs. My songs are pop songs. My voice is pop. But, I’m originally from a small country town in North Carolina. I’ve never lived outside the south. I came to Nashville to do pop music. Writing with country writers and learning all the country covers while singing downtown made me fall in love with the country genre. What makes my music country is singing my truth. Even when I’m poking fun, or being silly, I always have a reason behind why I wrote a song. What sets the music apart is that it’s genuinely me! I pick what I release. I dream up what vision I see for the songs. With the help of friends all around I am grateful I get to freely create!

How was your experience with the recording of both the song and the music video for "Caving In?” Was there one process you preferred other the other?

I loved both. The recording of “Caving In” truly was a miracle. My dad moved to Tucson, Arizona a few years back and I went to stay with him for a while during the pandemic due to Broadway in Nashville shutting down (I’d been singing at Tootsies for a living). I was about to come back to Nashville when a neighbor, Jen Lefevre, offered to pay for the recording of some songs in Tucson; only asking that we choose a local producer to do the project. We got connected with Craig Shubacher who has been the producer for big artists such as Iron and Wine. Tucson was a magical place and I felt like “Caving In” was the type of magical song that should be recorded there. If you don’t know, Tucson is one of the only places in the world where you can see saguaro cacti. It’s surrounded by mountains, and you can see the stars so clearly. The true wild west! Of course, Nashville is magical, too. It’s the music capital of our country! For the music video, I wanted to contrast this journey from the big city to quiet, mesmerizing nature. I liked the video portion of this project because we further got to capture the beauty that surrounds us everywhere we go. And of course, it did help that I somehow found Michael Hamm, who is a genius director, videographer, and editor. Thank you, Facebook!


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