Sarah Miles Gives Us Goosebumps With New Single “Snowman”

Sarah Miles—remember the name now, because we already have. This authentically down-to-earth artist truly stays close to her roots when creating and writing her music. As a frequent traveller to Nashville, playing at well known locations such as the Bluebird Café, Miles’ impresses us all with her incredible flowing dynamics. With songs already on the Sirius XM rotation, and being the winner of the John Lennon Song Writing Competition this past year, it’s hard to think she could impress us more. And yet, her most recent single does just that. 

Miles’ most recent release of “Snowman” incorporates blissful yet intimate vocals, entirely shaped around the appeasing melody. Integrating sounds from both country and pop into her new single, Miles’ creates a warm and amicable presence that surely touches any and all listeners. Despite the elevating demeanour of the song, an overall bold message presents itself, as Miles’ lets listeners know that she is here to stay, no matter who tries to knock her down. And with this artists’ insane vocals, nobody is knocking her down anytime soon.

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