SARTØR Releases her Fresh, Self-Produced Single, “HEAVY HEART”

Growing up in São Paulo, Brazil, SARTØR began playing the electric guitar at a young age. With milestones such as touring the country with her past rock band and releasing music as a solo artist, SARTØR has built up a significant fanbase. Now based out of Los Angeles, CA, she brings us her fresh new single, “HEAVY HEART”. 

“HEAVY HEART” brings an emotional element to the table while fusing together elements of electronica, alternative rock, and pop to form this unique sound we know as SARTØR. The song starts with a catchy guitar riff that instantly caught our attention but once the drums kicked in shortly after the vocal, we were sold. In the hook she sings, “no one saw you so lonely when you’re growing up, life is such a roller coaster.”

With harmonies that brighten up the mood and lift the lead vocal, SARTØR’s voice soars with freedom and becomes the centerpiece to this song. Entirely self-produced, “HEAVY HEART” creates an atmosphere that encompasses what this innovative artist is all about. Absorb every last bit of SARTØR’s new song, “HEAVY HEART” and we guarantee you’ll be overwhelmed with satisfaction. 

Discover “HEAVY HEART” here.

Hello SARTØR! We found ourselves captivated by how well you pull off your sound. It is so unique to your artistry. How have you shaped this style over the years? Did you have any influences while discovering your sound? wow, thank you for that! I think I pretty much owe that to having listened to a lot of different genres throughout my life. nowadays you can pretty much catch me listening to from Bring Me the Horizon, grimes, issues, to blackbear, Charli CXX, and Yung lean all on the same day hahaha. I also used to be fascinated by pop-punk and metalcore when I was a teenager, so I think that definitely shows! 

It's always challenging trying to find/shaping your sound, and it certainly took me a lot of time. but right now I feel like I'm finally getting there without any fear of experimenting and putting myself out there. we're at one of the best times for music in my opinion, where genres are pretty much non-existent, so it's definitely freeing seeing everyone (including myself) just making and putting out what feels right for them.

We loved listening to “HEAVY HEART” and we know that you produced it all yourself! What inspired you to write this song? What was it like bringing it to life through the production?

It all started with a voice note! I was out one day and the chorus simply popped up in my head, so I recorded it on my iPhone, and on the next day I started to think about the overall sound I was trying to go for. it seems like a very simple beat but it was actually pretty tricky to make! I definitely scrapped a few ideas before getting to the final one. after the overall idea was finished, for some reason I felt like the right thing would be to track some real bass to it instead of my go-to 808s, so I reached out to Skyler (bass player of the band Issues). he loved the song and in the same week he sent the bass track over. when i first heard everything together I simply knew the song was done! it was a perfect match. also, a huge shoutout to Dell for putting up with my endless mixing edits and making it sound exactly the way I envisioned it!

We hear you’re working on a debut album to release later in 2020! What can you tell us about this exciting new project? Is your song “HEAVY HEART” a good representation of what we can expect? YES! I'm very excited about it! I've been teasing "EVERYTHING IS REAL" for quite a while now, and it's finally getting to its final form! However, "HEAVY HEART" it's part of an EP I'm putting out around July/August, while I finish working on the tape which is leaning more to the experimental/pop side of things. about the EP, people can expect a heavily guitar-based project, and I'm definitely screaming some high notes on it as well, fulfilling my pop-punk younger self's dreams.

Having experienced so many milestones already in your career, what are some big goals you’re looking to achieve in the future? Are any of these being put into place or worked on currently? I can't wait to be able to play my songs live! touring it's the thing I'm definitely looking the most forward to. I was about to play my first LA show in march but then this whole COVID-19 happened. I hope all of this is going to be over soon though, and we'll be able to connect face to face with our fans again in the near future! brighter days are ahead of us for sure. I'd also love to produce and write for other artists as well! can't wait to come across an opportunity to do so.