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Satisfy Your "Sweet Tooth," With Zāna's Sugary Single and Music Video

From Oakland, CA, the R&B artist and soulful singer-songwriter Zāna releases a passionate experience through her latest single and accompanying music video, "Sweet Tooth."

Gearing up for the release of her EP 'This Is Autumn,' Zāna mentioned that she's also releasing an EP for each season to create a cohesive experience.

Exploring lyricism and topics like romance and body positivity to depression, anxiety, and insomnia, Zāna makes it known to her listeners that they're not alone. "I have learned that there is strength in being vulnerable. So, I dare to bare those feelings every time I write, release, and perform my music," states Zāna

Expanding on her recent release, "Sweet Tooth," Zāna stated that the song takes on a sugary yet sultry pop style with an r&b bounce. Inspired by her boyfriend and all his sweetness, Zāna later released an accompanying music video that tells a unique partially-animated story of meeting someone in the heat of the nightlife and taking them home for good.

Listening to the single, "Sweet Tooth," Zāna takes us on a sensual and sweet journey through her warm vocal stylings and the tender r&b instrumentals/production. While rhythmically singing of missing her man and wanting him by her side for all of eternity, Zāna genuinely fueled this track with incredible vibes that get our hearts fluttering with each melody and rhyme.

Taking a look at the music video for "Sweet Tooth," Zāna took on a unique visual approach and filled this video with nostalgic animations that depict the love story of meeting her forever man. Also incorporating sensual scenes of Zāna making love to the camera and expressing her deep desire for someone special, the video comes to a sweet and delicious ending.

Catch Zāna's flavorful music video for "Sweet Tooth" on YouTube, and satisfy your cravings with each sugary element.



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