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Sauceking7 Delivers A Hit With “Fosset”

Sauceking7 aka big gotti who is just making music for fun he says resides all the way from Broward County, Florida.

SauceKing7 released his single titled “Fosset “ and it’s highly witty and absolutely appealing to lovers of fun hip-hop and characterized rap. The song began with a melodic introduction that was highly trendy and wavy. Knowing Sauceking7 is simply doing music just for fun, he knows how to incorporate the outgoing charisma in the record to make it stand out! He delivers the “Fun” in this record and it’s refreshing and all around replenishing to hear! SauceKing7 is an artist who doesn’t shy away from being vibrant. With his extravagant production, “Fosset” is the colorful and bold hit that could be played at your local party or function! It has elements of Summer with the energy that radiates from the music to our ears. SauceKing7 cultivates a unique sense of characteris and we were highly intrigued by it all. “Fosset” is just all-around replayable and something we can add to our personal playlists for an enticing new wave of fun and hip-hop!!

Listen to "Fosset" here and get to know more about SauceKing7 below!

Who are some of your influences that have helped to shape your career in the music industry?

Underground rap, and really the idea of creating something no one has ever heard. 

Did you have any specific lyrical arrangement for “Fosset” ?

I always go with the feeling either writing , free styling or even singing.

What are some challenges you’ve faced in creating “Fosset” ?

I genuinely was having fun , nothing more less.

What moment in “Fosset” do you feel is the most impactful for the listener? From an artist perspective?

When I realized that I’m having a blast listening to it.

What’s next for you through 2019?

More music , I want to go in 2020 with maximum exposure.


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