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Savannah Burrows Fights Off An Unexpected Love Rival On “Man’s Best Friend”

Sometimes, people don’t approach with good intentions.

Hailing from Southern California, dynamic singer/songwriter Savannah Burrows has managed to burst onto the scene and immediately stand out amongst the crowd. Masterfully captivating audiences everywhere with her signature blend of California Country Pop and Soutner Country soul, her signature sound has caught the attention of fans and peers in the music industry alike. Having shown no sign of slowing down shortly, Burrows continues to impress, and we can’t wait to see what she will show us next.

Fiercely determined to see her artistic dreams to fruition, Savannah Burrows’ artistic desire would see her relocate to “The Music City” (Nashville, Tennessee) to pursue her passions. With standout releases like “What Would Taylor Swift Do” and “Rum and Done” generating significant buzz and establishing her as a force to be reckoned with inside the scene, she’s positioned herself for a breakout year. Having already rocked stages opening for legends of the scene like Carly Pearce and Devin Dawson, there’s very little that Savannah Burrows can’t do, and she remains one of the most exciting talents in the business.

“Man’s Best Friend” is one of the latest products of Savannah Burrows’s significant artistic ability and a playful yet unexpected twist on a classic phrase. Between the brave string performances and her standout passionate vocal performance, Savannah Burrows’ has impressively created an iconic release that’s sure to find a home in your country pop playlists. Also featuring a fascinating music video that Savannah Burrows describes as “slap-stick comedy meets suburban mom,” in “Man’s Best Friend,” you’ve got a release that stimulates your senses in multiple ways, enthralling.

With her latest release, “Man’s Best Friend,” Savannah Burrows continues to impress and show that music is for everyone. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Savannah Burrows’ latest release, “Man’s Best Friend,” on all majour streaming platforms. Be sure to check out the music video available now on YouTube.

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