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Say Goodbye To "Fake Friends," And Hello To Tana

Radiating charge and a unique flair for lyrics and melody, songwriter and artist Tana utilizes her rich and diverse views on gay culture, to strongly influence her musical and personal journey.

Having recently signed her song ‘Savage’ to Sony US and Babygrande records, Tana is unapologetic, revolutionary, and liberating, and she places diversity at heart. Stating, ‘I’m queer and I want to use my platform to be real and be a voice for others,’ her growing reputation means she is one to watch, and she aims to change the scene for good.

The intriguing essence of her most recent bop “Fake Friends” has us gravitating towards eclectic instrumentation faced with liberating truth. Transitioning between her widely casted vocal ranges, the angelic glimmers of Tana’s timbres trickle into the sound system as they nuzzle their way into your soul. “Fake Friends” plays into a narrative that many of us can relate to firsthand. Speaking on the superficial encounters that make people appear to be more invested in you than they actually are is a concept that hits home in a major way.

Showcasing her stance on these situations when they arise, Tana uses her impeccable songwriting techniques to take you deep into what it usually looks like when this happens, and her ability to say she wants no part in the fakeness. What leaves us awestruck is the tantalizing soundscape provided by the instrumental as the peaks and valleys prominent in the themes take the driver’s seat on this ride of a lifetime.

Building up to the climactic moment where Tana’s harmonies lusciously come pouring in at the chorus, we hear ‘everybody’s so, so fake,’ become a lyrical motif that exults in repetition as it’s drilled into our expanding mindset. Tana provides experiences with the intoxicating melodies that she conveys.

Making each release more than just another song, we’re grateful for the journey of Tana in which we get to take part.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Tana. We adore the concept and execution of "Fake Friends." With subject matter that's so blatant in how it's presented, was there a tipping moment for you that inspired the creation of this song?

Thanks for having me. It's always a pleasure. Don't get me wrong, I love being there for people, and I'm an excellent listener. With 'Fake Friends,' I guess the tipping point was when I started noticing toxic friendships and 'energy vampires,' you know, the kind of people that love to suck all that positive energy out of you and load their issues instead. Still, sometimes it can become too overwhelming and intrusive, so I had to limit my contact with certain friendships and protect myself and my energy.

If we look at 'Savage' and "Fake Friends" side by side, what differences and similarities did you notice in both the creative and release process?

With 'Fake Friends,' the creative process was just literally me and my guitar. I always write about what's happening in my life, and in that particular moment, I channeled those feelings into making something good of it. I struggled with writing alone because it always felt daunting, but I've improved in this area and can sit down for hours writing. I usually come up with melodies first and then lyrics, which I did with' Savage.' I wrote' Savage' a while back. However, it was a collaborative effort as I wrote with two other songwriters. Although I typically write alone, I love writing with other people because it gives you more options and ideas on where to go lyrically. Regarding my release plan, I pretty much have a solid structure that I go by, but I can't give out all my secrets now, can I?

Was there anyone by your side in helping you achieve the ultimate vision for this track? How did they contribute?

I wrote "Fake Friends" from home and got it developed by my producer Imad. I shot some photos in a carpark with my friend Mia for the artwork, which would then be designed into the official cover. I hired a graphic designer called Overdaux, who I've worked with a few times. He's super talented and never fails to provide me with the best content. If I'm being completely honest, I didn't really know what direction to take the artwork in, so I gave complete creative control to my designer and instantly fell in love with the first idea he showed me, primarily because of the colors and how well they gelled together to create this trippy aesthetic, which is something I'd love to do more of in my visuals and artwork.

Being a voice that's highly looked up to, what do you do to ensure that people grasp your music the way it's intended to be grasped?

I guess I try to be my authentic self at all times. I'm always optimistic, and I don't give up quickly, and that's something I always remind myself and others to do. I write about my life and musical experiences as well as topics that are important to me. I'm queer and biracial, and I want to use my platform to be real and be a voice for others.

What's next for you, Tana?

More music, and that's all I'm going to say because the evil eye is natural.

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