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Say Goodbye To The "Hard Times," With The Charismatic Dinzy

Heart on sleeve, sleeve on fire, Dinzy is ready to leave it all on the floor. Delivering a harmonious, on-demand adrenaline shot that unravels rock with an unabashed sincerity and snarl, the Nashville-gone-nitro artist is blazing the torch of big, loud rock and roll.

Dinzy unleashing the electric surge of a new single is something that has our ears perking up almost immediately. Bringing forth the most recent hit that gives the Paramore hit “Hard Times,” a Dinzy makeover, she teams up with Davie Smith to shine a beaming light on 2017 single we know and love.

Wrapping us in a high-octane performance that has us analyzing the shocking resemblance between the charisma that Dinzy shares with Hayley Williams, we’re thrilled that Dinzy chose to let loose and give us a dose of all that is this eclectic rock forward bop. The sporadic guitar riffs by Smith and tom hits courtesy of drummer Kyle Edmonson create an impactful universe that takes your attention on a tour through the perfected musical elements across the sound system.

Hearing the grit in the vocal performance that Dinzy offers up, there’s an unmatched determination and hunger that lends itself to the inner warriors within us. Grasping onto each note she effortlessly hits while keeping the crisp performance so heavily rooted in an unapologetic persona, and we adore Dinzy’s twist on this favorite.

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the high voltage appeal of Dinzy. Continuously wowing her fan base across the world, we’d like to think that her rendition of “Hard Times” is giving life to every listener tuned in.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Dinzy, and congratulations on the release of “Hard Times,” with Davie Smith! What moment or story inspired you to create your version of this highly intoxicating single? What was it like working with Davie Smith?

Thank You so much! Davie and I have been friends since I moved here to Nashville and really connected musically. Together we both jumped at the chance to record a Paramore cover as it's no secret I am a huge fan of theirs and really loved the sound of this new funky dance single. Davie was quick to be the band recording the guitar, bass, percussion, and vocals! Although Davie and I have a few tunes waiting to see the light of day, "Hard Times" was a scream for help for how life has been for quite some time now. Living through these uncertain times, financial hardships and all the while keeping attention and importance on mental health really inspired me to dust this one-off. I had to take this into the studio at Wire Bird Productions where we brought the song to life with the talent of Drummer Kyle Edmonson and Engineer Producer Brett Ryan Stewart who really catapulted this song into the stratosphere.

We love the fact that you chose to cover another femme-led act! How important is it for women to stick together in the music industry? I am often involved and a performer of most of the celebrated female-fronted tribute and original shows that are put on around Nashville and I have absolutely loved to be a part of them and meet all of these incredibly talented musicians. In an industry like this, It is extremely important to support my fellow femme musicians and together raise our voices.

Have you performed this single live yet? What are some differences in your creative process when it comes to your artistry in the studio versus on stage?

We have not rocked this out live yet, but come 2022 my record will be released and I'll be back live to promote the album and Hard Times will definitely be on the setlist. The studio is a little more calculated and thought out for recording although you never know what will inspire and when I take it to the stage, it's a speeding bullet where anything can happen. It's raw, it's alive, it's rock and roll.

What do you hope that your audience can take away from you when they hear “Hard Times?"

I hope that "Hard Times" can be an anthem for the current state of emotion and strife we are all experiencing. Ultimately it's a friend reaching out showing they are going through the same thing, that you're not alone and that it's okay to not be okay. There is that light at the end of the tunnel.

What's next for you?

I am currently writing and recording my second studio album due 2022 and will be releasing my first single entirely written and composed by myself called "I Wish", premiering the first of the year.


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