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Say His Name Three Times, SlimeTimeRich is Back With, "Bloody Mary"

Columbus, Ohio is home to the emerging artist SlimeTimeRich. Taking his influence from Travis Scott, PARTYNEXTDOOR, and his vibes from Kanye West’s “808s & Heartbreak,” SlimeTimeRich has something new to showcase to his audience as he continues to establish his name. Fresh off the release of his most recent single, “Bloody Mary,” SlimeTimeRich has his audience feasting on the heavy-hitting instrumentation that he pairs with a slick set of rhymes. Being the lead single from his forthcoming album, 'LightningRoses,' SlimeTimeRich has listeners drowning in a soundscape of perfectly timed verses, the genuineness of SlimeTimeRich produces a grand scheme of lyrical dexterity that places the emphasis on his creative aptitudes.

Delving into a set of limericks that play into the clever one-liners SlimeTimeRich uses to hook his listeners into his performance, you can’t help but sink deep into your seat as you bop your head to the driving bass that supports the carefully crafted words flowing.

Sharpening the skills fashioned by his expressive capacities, SlimeTimeRich holds onto the nostalgic backbone that the genre of Hip-hop produces while waving his own artistic flair over the sizzling heat that he brings to the new wave. Immersing you in an animated presentation of unblemished wording, SlimeTimeRich takes you on a sonic expedition of the art of his musical creations.

Mesmerizing cadences produce shades of the vigor that lure us towards the pulsating hook that will be stuck in your head long after the song concludes. SlimeTimeRich has a hunger in his tonal distinction as he carries us through “Bloody Mary,” from start to finish. Organically brewing up ruthless tendencies with how he triggers the auditory senses, there is no rebuffing that SlimeTimeRich graces the speakers with hit after hit.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, SlimeTimeRich, and congratulations on the release of "Bloody Mary," your lead single from your forthcoming album 'LightningRoses.' What inspired you to make this track the lead single?

Bloody Mary became the lead single because I wanted this rollout to be unique and in tune with HBCU students across the nation. It’s very upbeat and hype which matches the vibe of an HBCU. I have a lyric in the song that states I go to a historically black college, which is Central State University in Xenia, OH. My best songs are on the album but Bloody Mary is a great song to start, so it just was a sneak peek at what is in store. Lightning Roses is a double album so it’s a mix between being romantic and absolutely electric.

Could you please take us into what the creative process looked like when crafting and recording "Bloody Mary?"

The creative process for Bloody Mary was basically natural, the beat always comes first because that dictates the vibe of the song. The beat guides me to come up with melodies , rhymes, and the type of lyrics I want to express. Instantly I came up with “ hit her in the bathroom say my name like I’m Bloody Mary “ from that point on I kept up with that witty angle and continued to say more off the wall lyrics just to eventually open the doors up in the chorus saying “ Biken Back Bool at the school HBCU You know what we do, yeah you know what we do . “ my way of introducing the listener into an HBCU College Campus. We are beyond lit, beyond happy, and beyond joyful. After the natural first line, I calculated a song that celebrates my college without being corny and at the same time resonating with all students who are like me.

What do your listeners have in store with the release of 'LightningRose?'

What’s in store is I think a GREAT experience, this album I made over two years so going from just having a lighting side which is just me having fun and being dedicated to the sound that I developed. Taking that sound, maximizing my lyrics, and expanding the layers of voices so this can be sonically an amazing album. I’m striking down man … I dropped an album before but it was my jab in the third round but this album.. is my knockout punch, this is me striking down. Then to get into the Roses side I experienced relationships and heartbreak which as an artist can only be expressed through music. It goes through a journey of love that turns into heartbreak. Very open with my emotions because raw emotions will relate to my family and fans who may have gone through the same things. My goal isn’t to be relatable it’s to transfer my emotions to art in a nonfiltered way and that doesn’t mean it’s full of cursing but it means that it’s very raw just like life, heartbreak isn’t sugarcoated.

In terms of themes and messaging, what are you hoping that your listeners take away from the album as an entirety?

The message that I personally want to give to my fans is that even if your underground, even if you have little to no fan base, keep pushing, don’t make your art because you have a passion for it, don’t make the trendy art that gets people noticed because it isn’t genuine. No matter what level you're on, make the level of art you want to achieve. I’m not bigger than most people but if you hear my music it sounds like I have already made it into the industry. Like, comments and social media presence comes before art these days but I let the art speak for itself, and honestly, I believe the album speaks for that. Lightning Roses shows that it's a “ who is this “ type of album, I believe many people will make this music travel because that is what good music does. I’m blessed I’m able to even be creative in my own way. God is the reason for all of this and I know that my timeline will be great, when the world takes notice .. there is no looking back.

For new listeners, what would you like them to know about your music?

New listeners are my favorite people because they can see the work that I have been putting in Come to life. When I make it ( hopefully blessed enough to do so ) it’s going to be a lot of bandwagon fans which to me are great, no they weren't there when I was in a college dorm room making songs but they are here now to see the dedication and art that came from that struggle. Want them to know I love the art of music, I love the experience of sounds, and how it can blow people's minds. My idol is Travis Scott and he loves the art of music so seeing how he processes masterpieces of an album is exactly what I want to do … it only gets better .. welcome to lightning baby!



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