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Say No to "Bad Vibez," as Jaymal Muzik Tells You Why

Based out of Atlanta, GA, Jaymal Muzik also known as Datjaydatmal, is an emerging artist who has always been consistent with being in his own lane.

He found his love for Hip-hop and the music culture from his family filled with diverse talents. Being inspired by artists such as T-Pain, Mr.TalkBox, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar, he has found himself perfecting his melodic presence in the music industry.

Kicking off his musical releases in 2021 with his most recent single, “Bad Vibez,” Jaymal Muzik is back to set the record straight with his listeners, and prove that he is not going anywhere.

Providing an upbeat soundscape that has the bass heavily pulsating through the speakers, the up-beat instrumentation in “Bad Vibez,” sends a surge of confidence through our very being as we take in the intoxicating single.

Jaymal Muzik melodically bobs and weaves throughout his unmatched cadences as he takes us through his well-timed verses and witty quips. In a sea of charismatic descants, Jaymal Muzik places his emphasis on the harmonious aspects of the song versus the lyrical dexterity that often takes the front seat in Hip-hop. Swaying in and out of the new realm, Jaymal Muzik offers a message that wards off the negative energy coming for him.

Allowing us to relate with him on a firsthand basis, Jaymal Muzik speaks to his listeners as he conveys mesmerizing tenors that continue to establish his name as an up and comer in the new wave of Hip-hop.

“Bad Vibez,” is that song that remains unforgettable as you carry out your day. We recommend rolling the windows down in your car and turning this hit all the way up.

What inspired you to create the concept of “Bad Vibez?”

The thing that made me come up with the concept of the track was people always hitting me up with bad news on my good days, you know kinda just calling me to talk about the negative things, as well as losing trust in friends that you thought were for you but really weren’t so that’s where I came up with that concept.

What are you hoping that your listeners take away from the message that you put forth in “Bad Vibez?"

I am hoping that listeners can relate to what I went through when listening to this record and that they join the movement of not have any negative energy all 2021.

Do you have any advice for your audience that can help them get rid of any negative energy out there?

The best way to get rid of negative people is to delete, unfollow, and block them and don’t share your goals with them

What's next for you?

The next thing for me? I don’t know yet. We shall see. Stay tuned, more to come.



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