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Scapeghosts’s Uses Her Extensive Background In Music To Create Her Individual Sound

25-year old multi-talented Singer, Songwriter, and producer Sarah Zimmer is making a name for herself under the stage name scapeghosts.

Scapeghosts has created her own unique sound within her compositions full of dreamy indie tracks that fuse multiple genres ranging from Lo-fi, Classical, and Pop Punk melodies. Scapeghosts uses her upbringing and strong foundations of performing and teaching both theatre and opera as inspiration when creating her individual compositions.

Her latest release, “Blue Light,” features layers of her heavenly vocals that grow upon the progression of the track as new enticing components are introduced leading to the triumphant finale of this composition.

In an interview with BuzzMusic, scapeghosts explains the inspiration behind this song saying “I think most people can relate that a lot of their lives have become live via the internet due to *gestures at entire world* So, there’s of course, the literal aspect that I’ve just been staring at screens for hours on end”.

After taking a step back from the digital world she realized how “completely fake and kind of depressing” it truly is. This track shines as bright as the blue light the internet emits and reminds us that we do not need a filter to hide our true selves.

Throughout 2020 scapeghosts remains inspired by the incredible music released by women, non-binary folx, and artists of color. Creating music hasn’t been scapeghosts only interest this past year, she has also applied to a Ph.D. program with an interest in research sexual and domestic violence within the music industry.

Discover more about scapeghosts here.


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