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"Scared" By Talley Delivers An Addictive Retro-Pop Flare

There is a fresh and new Indie Retro-pop sensation out of Denver that goes by the name of Talley. After a painful breakup with his previous band, he had no other choice but to become a solo artist. Something he never saw coming but has lead him to flourish! His debut single looks back on his past while venturing forward to explore new sounds in Indie Rock. His up and coming debut album will pay homage to a different era of music while upholding unity with his expansive, layered, optimistic sound. Talley plans to release music every month until March and then will release his debut album in June 2019.

Talley just released his new single "Scared" and we're completely in love with it! The song has a really good true retro feel to it. A get up and dance all night long song with lyrics that are really easy to catch on to. A trait that is definitely something we look for in a quality song. The retro-pop flare is something we can't get enough of! The song features guitars and keys throughout the entire melody, then approaches a climax of a baring electric guitar solo with complementary drums which leads to a closing with layered vocals. Want to hear something crazy? Talley created the song completely by himself. A one man show! It's super hard to believe the whole production of the song was created by just one person! Talley is a true star. Needless to say, we're really looking forward to hearing new releases from Talley every month!

Listen to "Scared" here.

Connect with Talley on social media:


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