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ScarHop Releases Summer Vibe “ABC”

ScarHop is an MC, composer, songwriter, and actor. He’s living in UK, London and was born in 1990 Venezuela and raised in Madrid, Spain. From an early age of 5, he took part of his school choir performing classic music ranging from Mozart to Beethoven, alongside Latin folk music. At the young tender age of 7, he moved out of Spain with his family, and his father who was a composer, featured his voice in electro-acoustic pieces like "La Casa Del Terror" (Museo de Arte Reina Sofia - Spain). In 2005, he decided to choose Hip-hop as his musical expression and ScarHop as his artist name. He did various performances (concerts, freestyle battles) around the country.

In 2010 was part of the duo "Flow ConSentido". They created a radio show called "Meta Rap" making interviews to established Spanish rappers and celebrities. ScarHop released his latest single “ABC” off his album “A Gesture Of Good Will” and this instantly had us moving and grooving! “ABC” incorporates elements of Spanish reggaeton, dance-hall alongside pop and hip-hop! ScarHop delivers a unique flow in a rap elocution we haven’t seen before! The lyrics to “ABC” are vibrant and witty, however our favorite element to the articulation of ScarHop is his background culture being introduced to the music. You hear his accent alongside the beautiful language he’s skilled with as he showcases his bars. It’s absolutely perfect for those of the Spanish culture who feels as if there aren’t enough artists paying homage to their heritage and serving as a representative in music for the community. “ABC” is also digestible for people who are just a fan of feel good music that exudes good vibes and energy. “ABC” is the summer anthem you can play at your parties or beach trips! The island flare in “ABC” makes it the perfect getaway single and it warrants its place on the album "A Gesture Of Good Will”.

Check out "ABC" here. Read more with ScarHop below!

Hey there, can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Scarhop, I’m an MC, songwriter, composer and actor based in London, UK. 

How do you incorporate your musical upbringing into your style today?

My style of today is the result of experiences, dreams and emotions influenced by urban music.

Since I was a kid, I used to hear different genres like Jazz, Salsa, Folk and Classical Music. For every style you may approach as a creator you will need a foundation to be able to acknowledge other styles, well... at least that’s how I kept my artistic feeling awake. I was born in Venezuela, raised in Spain and I am currently living in United Kingdom. I had the luck to experience music from both America and Europe. But nowadays the London scene closed the circle to define me as an artist. Afrobeat, Grime, Dubstep, Trap and Punk from Brixton to Camden Town, that is the vibe that I use to get inspired. 

What’s the meaning behind “ABC” ?

ABC is a song for the introvert, it is the message that I give to the my generation to be more confident with themselves. 

To not be afraid of the other! 

What inspired you to write “ABC” !?

This is the description of me dancing with a random women in a birthday party. 

She approached me and said to me that if I manage to put Bachata music I can take her to dance. I finally managed to play a track and we started to dance, I can barely dance but when I am tipsy everything is possible. I am never comfortable dancing, but she made me feel that way and that’s why I got inspiration from that memory. MacSauce produced the beat, he is based in Sacramento and the way he makes Afrobeat is really unique. We are in the process to make new Afrobeat tracks! 

What’s next for you?

I am currently working in an EP with producers from around Europe, I won a contest as a best rap performance in Notting Hill Arts Club hosted by NICOLA a non profit organisation that helps new artists in UK. I am about to release a videoclip from my new single “Roll A Dollar” produced by Jude Jeyaraj. And I’m happy to know that some tracks from my album “A Gesture Of Good Will” will be featured in a short film from Spain that shows the reality of teenagers in the world of social media, shout out to Juan Carlos Peredit the director! 

And other projects are coming! I am really into acting lately and hopefully I will confirm more opportunities. I feel that today I am in the right time and context for the urban culture in London. 


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