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Scarlet View Thrashes, Thrives And Overcomes In “Never Comin Down”

Sometimes, disaster is the catalyst for something new and amazing. This would be the case for Kansas City-based alternative rock band Scarlet View.

Following a disastrous tour with their side project Stories Through Storms, Bryce Loewenstein (vocals) and STS former bassist Chris Kassein joined forces to bring the four-piece octane rock band to life in 2019, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Scarlet View's passion for rock and roll remains unbreakable despite their challenges. Scarlet View's dedication to their craft has been unshakable, having dealt with abducted bassists, sleeping in a van with no AC for weeks, and members quitting days before a show.

In 2021, they made their national debut on Sumerian Records' hit show "No Cover" in March 2021, showcasing their talent alongside legendary artists such as Alice Cooper, Lzzy Hale, Gavin Rossdale, Bishop Briggs, and Tosin Abasi. Now set to release their debut single, “Never Comin Down,” on March 10th, the talented group looks to make their mark in the wild world of rock ‘n’ roll.

The accompanying music video for “Never Comin Down” features their good friend Scott Stephenson as the focus of the video. As a wicked guitar and thrashing drums form the instrumental backdrop, Stephenson, a US Army veteran injured during his tour in 2006, struggles to get up but ultimately breaks free and ventures forth.

With lyrics like “Look at the sky and see my wings / So high, I'll fly away” and “Look at the sky and see my wings / Look at me now,” Scarlet View dares you to look down on them and Stephenson, as they ultimately prevail and overcome—the song's message centers around perseverance and determination in the face of adversity. The opening lyric, "So low these vultures try to ground me," represents the negative influences that can weigh us down.

Scarlet View is poised to make a statement in the alternative rock world with its debut single and video. When you’re ready, tap in and stream “Never Coming Down,” Watch the accompanying music video, out March 10th.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Scarlet View! Damn, what a statement for your first release! We have to ask, what was the inspiration behind this song? Were you drawing from some of the adversity you’ve had to overcome to make it to this point?

NEVER COMIN DOWN came up as a reminder that no matter the hardships life brings your way, there is a reason to stand up every day. The title stems from the idea that through battling and overcoming personal demons, your wings will grow, and nothing will bring you back down that low again. I very much believe that pain- physically and mentally- exists to help us grow internally. It is up to us whether we let said pain turn us bitter and cold or build back stronger than ever before. “Look at the sky and see my wings, So high I’ll fly away…”

Where did the inspiration behind the music video come from, and what was your favorite part about bringing the vision for the music video to life?

We brought in a good friend named Scott Stephenson to feature as the focal point of the accompanying music video. Scott toured with the US Army 3/509th Airborne Infantry Battalion from ‘04-09, becoming injured in ‘06. The song starts with the lyric, “So low these vultures try to ground me…”. To us, the vultures represent a variety of negative influences that attempt to break each of us down when we are at our lowest. From physical pain to anxiety and spiraling depression, we hope that each listener can connect with the sentiment of these ‘vultures.’ We all have our own vultures and struggles. The message we are trying to convey says no matter the hardships, no matter the past, we make the present in every waking breath. We will never back down.

Our favorite part about bringing the vision to life was being able to direct the video ourselves. We were fortunate to have our hands on every step of the process alongside our good friend and Director of Photography, Andy Rivera from Rivera Studios, on the camera.

You’ve faced a lot of adversity to make it this far; what keeps are you going?

Simply put our love and passion for music keep us going daily. We have dedicated our lives to the craft and couldn’t imagine doing anything other than expressing ourselves through this art form. This track is focused on encouragement, consolation, community, and uplifting one another.

For any new listeners, how would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard you before?

Imagine dynamic and honest vocal energy, a rhythm section tight like Dirt era Alice In Chains, a guitar tone like the Deftones, and Scarlet View is born. With an energy that matches Asking Alexandria live, Scarlet View aims to deliver a polished rawness like Guns & Roses in ‘87.

What’s next for Scarlet View? Can we expect to hear more new music soon?

The band has some tour dates on the books for March and will be hitting the road intensely as the year progresses. As for new music, we have more singles and videos that we are anticipating to release this year as well. Scarlet View is even working on another new video as we speak…


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