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Scarlett La Queen Sings a Relatable and Empowering Message With Her Latest Hit, "When I Loved You"

Breaking rules and changing norms everywhere, the Russian transgender Pop Artist and Singer/Songwriter Scarlett La Queen offer listeners a sense of empowerment with her recent single, "When I Loved You."

When in Eastern Europe, one is bound to hear Scarlett La Queen's music through radio stations, engaging live performances, or merely word of mouth, as Sharon Osbourne describes her sound as "-If David Bowie and Madonna decided to have a child."

Themes of self-discovery and self-realization always seem to reveal themselves within Scarlett La Queen's powerful and compelling music. When speaking upon her latest release, "When I Loved You," La Queen stated, "The song is not about my transition, but I'd be lying if I said there wasn't a kind of parallel."

The single offers listeners a reflective experience through Scarlett La Queen's introspective lyricism while coming through with a vibrant poppy instrumental.

"When I Loved You" opens with upbeat acoustic guitar, a droning ghost vocal, and gripping percussion patterns, offering the song a radiant and energetic Pop atmosphere. While Scarlett La Queen begins singing with her engaging and highly melodic vocals, her lyrical concept begins to shine through over her reminiscent words of how she once was and the journey to who she is now.

The surrounding instrumentals offer an organic and natural flair through warm electric guitar fading in the distance and the equally gripping percussion. Around the bridge, La Queen sinks into an even more reflective state over sole acoustic guitar.

While singing of finding her soulmate at the wrong time, Scarlett La Queen picks herself back up for an upbeat and optimistic ending alongside the sweet-sounding instrumentals.

We're head over heels for Scarlett La Queen's latest empowering single, "When I Loved You," as she trudges through the depths of her emotions, all for listeners to find a safe space and relate. Don't miss out on what the first Russian transgender Popstar has to offer.

We're highly impressed with the soul and heart you've set into your single, "When I Loved You." Was it challenging to write from such an honest and vulnerable place, or is this a common theme within your music?

It’s never a challenge. I always think of myself that the only reason I got to perform on stage in the first place is that I can sing my own original songs. The song has to come out from your heart, not your mind. I am not afraid to get vulnerable, to tell the world what I truly feel, quite the opposite, I think that gives me fuel to persevere. I think that is the essence of art. Tell what you feel without fear of being misunderstood or not being accepted by the majority of people.

What inspired you to write such a disheartening yet relatable single with "When I Loved You"? Could you describe the moment you felt compelled and needed to do so?

It was one of those songs that were written on its own. The songs that have magic in them usually are written within 5-10 minutes. You always feel that it’s going to be great if it comes with the feeling of epiphany or unexplainable catharsis.

The surrounding instrumentals and production within your single "When I Loved You" are incredibly engaging and upbeat. How did you craft the instrumentals to offer this natural sense of empowerment, as well as your vocals and vocal production?

I wrote this song on my guitar and then forwarded an idea to my producer with a specific reference track. I wanted to have a country feel to it. He sent me a raw demo back and I went to the studio for vocal recordings. I literally finished writing lyrics while I was on the bus going to the studio. I didn’t want to use an autotune on my vocals because I didn’t want to lose that soulful deliverance and that was the main goal for me, to sound natural and raw.

We must ask listeners who might be going through a similar situation; when facing adversity due to your identity and cultural background, how do you manage to overcome this? What role has music played throughout your journey?

I think one should get attuned to its own heart to follow that intuitive guidance that we all have. I believe that all answers are within us, all we have to do is go inward and trust that feeling. Nobody can tell you who you are, only you know your true self. All you have to do is get out there and be proud and celebrate yourself.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020? What can we expect to see next from you?

Unexpectedly 2020 was the most productive year for me so far. It gave me time to slow down and contemplate my life, learn things I haven’t got time to learn before. I think it’s essential to see good in everything because even the worst situations in life teach us the best life lessons and you can find diamonds in the dirt, all you have to do is to dig deeper.



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