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SCayos & Annie Elise Team Up For A Big Debut, "Walkaway"

From Mumbai, India, pianist, producer, songwriter, and composer SCayos teams up with the harmonious vocals stylings of Annie Elise for his debut single, "Walkaway."

SCayos is currently a student and Boston's Berklee College of Music. It wasn't until 2021 that he began releasing solo tunes, including his debut beat tape, Ethereal Nights. He recently released his EP, shortstories, and is currently working towards a debut album that starts with the release of the lead single, "Walkaway."

The new track is in collaboration with 20-year-old vocalist Annie Elise, who's no stranger to the music scene. SCayos says he wanted to release the song as the album's lead single "because it gives context to other songs on the record." He added that the protagonist still hasn't lost their partner but is still grieving the moment it may happen.

Expanding on the new song, "Walkaway," we're met with smooth lo-fi drums alongside lush guitar melodies and gentle keys that rain down from above. Annie Elise's peaceful and gentle vocals slowly appear while serenading us with harmonious melodies that send chills down the spine. She continues discussing those terrifying moments of feeling like someone might leave her behind for someone new.

This song has so much natural heart and soul in it, from the production to Elise's soothing vocals. SCayos does an incredible job of laying the tender and emotional atmosphere for Elise to add the soulful cherry on top. As we reach the outro, SCayos's expansive production floats through our speakers while Elise's tranquil vocals send us into a daydream.

When you're in need of something to mend your broken heart, sit back and relax with SCayos and Annie Elise's new single, "Walkaway," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, SCayos. We're so impressed with the emotional and relatable experience within your debut single, "Walkaway." What moments or experiences inspired this vulnerable piece? Unfortunately, the way life goes, everyone experiences grief all the time. I would be lying if I said that the song stems from one experience. This song amalgamates all of my painful life experiences from my first heartbreak to my grandma passing away to losing my childhood pet dog, Toffee. It's a collection of them that inspired Walkaway and the other songs on this record. Was this your first time working with vocalist and electronic artist Annie Elise for "Walkaway"? What was your collaborative experience like? This isn't the first time we've worked together! We've worked on some other projects producing and remixing for other artists, but this is the first time we're working on something just the two of us. We also have TONS of joints in the vault! How did you want the production and sonics in "Walkaway" to make listeners feel? What was your goal with the song's overall atmosphere? This may be a little cheesy, but I mean every word of this. I have a very simple goal with my music - to not make people feel like they're alone. After every moment of loss, I couldn't help but feel alone, and it is a terrifying experience. Music really helped me not feel alone in those moments and give me company. I want to give others the experience I had with music in those moments. What does "Walkaway" mean to you? How can listeners understand you and your music better through this emotional debut single? Walkaway means so much to me. Most of the music I've put out so far has been instrumental beats; however, this record is some of my best and most diverse work. This marks a new chapter in SCayos, and I'm really excited for everyone to listen to the new music!


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