Scorpio Szn Bring a Creamy and Polished Indie/Pop Sound to Listeners and We're All for It

Today, we're putting the spotlight back on two of our favorite Scorpios! Who may that be? It's music duo Scorpio Szn, consisting of Armando Orona and Zandi Ashley. These two artists are an Indie/Pop collective that hails from Albuquerque, New Mexico and is aiming to stimulate listeners with their complementary sound. After BuzzMusic interviewed the music duo, it was quite apparent that the two get along really well. There's a certain connection between the two artists that are easily communicated to listeners when they talk. Their level of collaboration stems far, and we saw this in their 2019 EP release, 'It's Weird'.

Beyond their affiliation, Scorpio Szn as a whole always reminded us of bands such as The xx, or even Of Monsters and Men. The smooth and high-pitched vocalism of Zandi is what propels the pop elements of Scorpio Szn's sound, while Armando brings that pivotal range that deepens the tone of their tracks. When their vocal sounds mesh with one another, the product tends to be very lax, yet still contains a uniformity that elevates their sound. It's easy to become a fan of Scorpio Szn, especially if you're the type of listener to resonate with those ideal Indie/Pop sounds. As a last-minute note, the varied production across their singles will be what ultimately reels you in as a listener, as their productional stylings are full of an enriched quality.

We're excited about your new music, Scorpio Szn, and we hope it comes before the actual Scorpio season, because newsflash, we're impatient.

Listen to Scorpio Szn here.