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Scott Howard Presents A One-Of-A-Kind Concert Film

Scratching beneath the surface of what might appear to be your average concert film, Scott Howard's trailblazing experience, the World Ascension Tour (A Lightworker's Journey), marks a significant milestone in the age of virtual live performances.

Recorded live at Village Studios, not only is it the first concert film shot in 432 Hz, but it takes a deep dive into the realm of the unknown to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Alongside Howard is his band, which presents a stimulating audio experience that spurs a drive for higher knowledge and wisdom.

As Howard and co. bang out two of the artist's landmark albums; viewers can also catch rare behind-the-scenes footage of him during an exclusive interview. Besides Howard's familiar tunes, the most exhilarating part of this audio/visual experience is the footage and evidence of otherwordly events happening right before our eyes.

Such occurrences encourage us to tap into our spiritual selves and ask some mind-boggling questions about the essence of our existence. There's much to experience with the World Ascension Tour (A Lightworker's Journey), taking place at the staple Los Angeles venue that hosted other notable acts like Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac, Dr. Dre, Lady Gaga, and more.

After losing his son, Maxx, Howard turned to music as a needed outlet, tracking his peaks and valleys while dedicating the rest of his endeavors to helping others in difficult times. "The music I write hopefully awakens people to the fact that we are all priceless. Our souls, our spirits are all irreplaceable," he explains in an interview.

Click here to watch Scott Howard's World Ascension Tour (A Lightworker's Journey), and for more information, visit his website.


Welcome to BuzzMusic, Scott Howard. You've truly moved us with your trailblazing concert film, the World Ascension Tour (A Lightworker's Journey). When did you begin feeling inspired to create this multi-dimensional experience?

In 2017, I went through and Awakening where Source or the Game of Life Masters felt I had enough time playing around and I was going to be needed in my Soul Mission to help raise the vibration with Music from Source in 432Hz. This literal Awakening was like a DMT Trip (without the drugs). I have researched it and I believe my Hypothalamus became active which with threw me into a higher vibration. I was shown beyond the Veil. To say, I was freaked out was an understatement. It was like “Lord of the Ring …Middle-Earth”, The veil was pulled back for my “minds eye” to see. I was changing…as was the world around me... EVERTHING was and is Alive, down to the wind, Rocks, water, and sky. A year later, my son Maxx was Taken at 29…. Because of an accidental drug overdose. The visions I saw alerted me to a coming time when Touring was not going to be an option for this reality. In 2019, I actually tried recording a rehearsal but it just didn’t work out….research was needed. I knew, there was a lot of people out there seeing and feeling things they could not explain. NOTHING was making sense anymore.. what was up was down, what & Who we thought was good was bad… People were coming out of a FOG that had lasted for literally a thousand years and had no idea WTF was going on, and who had answers. Censorship was coming like WW2, we were the Frog on the Hotplate and the heat was becoming uncomfortable. Thus, I knew I had to find a way to perform and get it out there but try to hide the intent of the content… I was Censored by numerous platforms, and was not allowed to use a description of what the film was about, only the name and year… and IF you did NOT type the name of the Concert Film “World Ascension Tour…(A LightWorkers Journey)…LIVE at Village Studios in 432Hz” you got a TRUCK RALLY!!! LOL.

In addition, the Soundtrack “World Ascension Tour LIVE at Village Studios in 432Hz” is the first Concert Film available in VINYL and recorded/broadcasted in 432Hz…(to help raise the listeners frequency) so the Sound is amazing… Not to mention the Vinylphiles now have a great gift for Father’s Day or Easter…😉 The Turntables are great these days and not that expensive. When I got my first draft of the record, I was so excited…but then I realized, I didn’t have a Turntable!! LOL .. (I got a Music Hall turntable starting at about $299).

Tell us why you chose "A Lightworker's Journey" as the title?

The actual Title is “A World Ascension Tour…LIVE at Village Studios in 432Hz” (A LIghtWorkers Journey actually is going to be my upcoming 300 page Ebook, which chronicles my Awakening, WITH photos that will rethink the way your view this world.

I seem to know the names of my albums beforehand. The synchronistic experiences initially frightened me but as time went on, I became used to it and understood, I as well as all the Awakened soul sparks (as there is only ONE SOUL IN THE UNIVERSE and we are but a fractal of the one Source, hence Soul Spark). All beings in this holographic matrix are Lightworkers and have a mission to Awaken those still asleep & SHINE… help Mother Earth with her Ascension to 5D and raise our vibration with hers so we don’t end up being shaken off like a dog with Fleas (WE are the Fleas)… THIS is not going to happen, as the Light-Workers have Awakened many and “those waking” now understand the façade perpetrated upon us by the Deep State. Our history, our Education, medicine, all the Wars, supporting news propaganda to cull humankind. I do prey hopefully the music that has been written, has resonated with as many as possible and grows organically. As “ The journey that we all must take, ends up on….up on higher ground”….(The Queen of Hearts - The Language of Clouds EP available in CD, or downloads on all platforms). Hence, the journey begins with the Awakening of us all in the “here and now”…..and merging with the only truth in this galactic soul school matrix…”OUR HIGHER SELF”.

Why did you want to deliver footage and evidence of otherworldly occurrences within the World Ascension Tour (A Lightworker's Journey)? Why was this of interest to you?

The Subject matter of the Concert music in 432Hz is to enlighten and pull back the veil of our hidden World that we do not see. I am finishing an eBook called "A LightWorker Journey”… We have been MIS-EDUCATED on EVERYTHING (perhaps UN/DE-Educated is a better way of putting things), including our World, our Maps, all our Math & Science books are not acurate, not one book on this planet is right(formulas are wrong), history books ALL LIES, which are not 95% physical and 5% spiritual but are actually 95% spiritual and 5% physical…. Magic is REAL…Time travel, Stargates, the Star trek universe is all REAL… as are the hidden beings we do not see…. And who we really are….we are Source… What we are seeing is our normal World. With Timelines constantly changing, our World is moving up to 5D; thus, the music mirrors this hidden World and the journey that WE as a species must Awaken to. this Concert Film is the first broadcast at 432Hz. This OTHER-WORLDLY content in the Concert, is all the multiverse of our Worlds… hence, hopefully, the whole family will enjoy the music and content designed to begin their JOURNEYS to 5D…

Why did you choose to shoot the World Ascension Tour (A Lightworker's Journey) in 432 Hz? What significance does 432 Hz hold?

“THE PEACE OF ALL…OUTWAY WARS THAT BENEFIT THE FEW”….IF I MAY, A BIT OF A HIS-STORY, during WW2 the Nazi’s who have never left this world and have kept us in a slowly darkening reality, knew EVERTHING is frequency… EVERTHING… you can walk through walls if your vibration is higher than the frequency of the walls … so right now, Mother earth has been for thousands of years, holding its frequency in a low vibration because of the DEEP STATE has been using Humans, so that we could continue to be an “Energy Source” for them (Just like the Matrix, so movies are NOT fantasy but ways of telling us partial truths so the Dark ones can say, we told you, and you paid for the ticket so now we can abuse you forever... Not a happy thought, but a harsh reality.… SOOOOOO…..Stop watching TV!! The Propaganda networks are designed to build fear…which is a food staple for them, called “Lushe”(spelling might be off). The Nazi’s which the worse onces are where??? UKRAINE… Even the Nazis were afraid of the Nazis in Ukraine!! So, the frequencies of all broadcasting, movies, TV, radio, musical instruments were recalibrated to 440Hz.. to lower our resonance. The music and frequency in the ancient past was higher, and we as beings were higher vibration and used more of our mental power. The World was different then, Oxygen was much denser/higher, and Gravity was less…THUS, things grew to immense sizes. By raising the frequency to 432Hz, which is where ALL music and broadcasting SHOULD BE BROADCASTED will help us all with our Journey of Ascension or Awakening and become more of a Light-bearing Chrystal being…. .

What do you hope to make the viewer realize and think when watching the mind-boggling footage?

We are not in Kansas anymore…. I don't know if we ever were… the World is an AMAZING place… and in 2012, we went off script, like in a “West-World” reality… The Timeline since then, we have pretty much been winging it… hence, the reality is IN NO WAY WHAT you believe to be true.. History and Bible is all FAKE NEWS(a propaganda if you will), books have been removed to make the-story/”his-story”(AGAIN, Words are important as are Lyrics, HIS – STORY…. Hence, this word means the fictional account written by HIM or HIS STORY…… just that…. The Account of HIS STORY). The true account is more STAR WARS MEETS STAR TREK…and their HIS-STORY was to create religion(s) that places all against each other. The goal of the silent power to keep us all separated and living in a fog & fear & Hate, we are not designed for these emotions…. Just LOVE. The real story is about Dimensional beings that have manipulated our Genes, our World, history, archaic medicine technology and archeology. The truth of world politics are lies(duh), and the governments of the World are about to be changed in a big way…The money system IS crumbling and about to be replaced by “Rainbow Currency” backed by Gold, and everything in Movies, pretty much is real…. Many feel…because it was in a movie, it can't be real….sorry, but there is life on every planet in this solar system, Jupiter, the moon of Ganymede, the Sun is a travel portal, and the Elite or TOMORROW LAND POPULATION, is real….. The movie Midnight Special is real… I have the photos to prove that there is a “higher frequency reality” cloaked attached to our own buildings. These photos will be in my eBook," A LightWorkers Journey" .its time to AWAKEN or begin your journey; hopefully, the thought-provoking images and the music will joggle the mind enough to Wake people; up out of their self-imposed slumber… The music I have has brought people to realize we all have a soul mission and have a job to do. I do hope I am doing mine and will continue to resonate with as many as possible. My next album is called "Angel Numbers," and I hope to get in the studio very soon to record. I think it will be an amazing story to continue to tell.. as all my albums are but real stories of past lives and the” Life of all humankind”… I have also just added 4 songs to my story on Spotify “Mother Earth, Past Life Lovers., Mad Man & Regrets” which can be heard (

Last, The music business that hurts a Musician’s Art, but it must be said… It is impossible to record music let alone, tour as an individual artist or Indie in my case a NEW GENRE OF MUSIC ENTIRELY….SOURCE MUSIC in 432Hz …. based on how they are now watering down royalties, then choosing what Royalty Streams, they choose to pay. I am thinking of setting up account to help raise funds and cover expenses for Studio and musicians as the current environment with distributors and social platforms have been taking quite the liberty with what they will pay royalties on and what the platforms” will” pay for(sobering). I don’t see how a musician can make a living with less than a penny a stream, then they Censor you, and then the distributors end up paying out about 10% of the watered down Royalties, they actually owe you. The only way to survive is to Tour, record Albums and market directly without the middle -person but again, they have all the existing platforms. It is a chicken and Egg (Which actually is the name of another song, that is on this album!!!! LOL…The NEXT after Angel Numbers will be “The Tree of Life”…. But they want the music dead and neutered as Music can create revolutions….we need one about now..

For a copy of the artwork for Angel Numbers go to my website and leave a request. The first 5 people that go to, and fill out the Contact form with all info, will receive a Vinyl Record . The Next 20 will receive tickets to the Concert Film “World Ascension Tour LIVE at Village Studios in 432” on Vimeo (Free download) and the last 18 will receive a free download of “The Language of Clouds in 432Hz”.

The Following is the list of Songs on “ANGEL NUMBERS” the Next Album,

  1. Angel Numbers

  2. A Godless Land

  3. Broken Peace

  4. The Name

  5. A Sound Never Heard Before

  6. We are Forever

  7. The Lost Art of Truth

  8. Last Lifetime

  9. Timelines in Our Minds

  10. This Feeling Called Love

Please keep an eye out on for the raising of funds for: ”Angel Numbers…in 432Hz”.


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