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Sean Doherty Takes a Spirited Drive With the "boys in the backseat"

Coming in hot from New York City, singer-songwriter, performer, and recording artist Sean Doherty releases an exhilarating listening experience with his latest passionate single, "boys in the backseat."

It took Sean Doherty a few years of performing other people's songs to finally hone in on his creative abilities and explore his newfound solo artistry. The gay singer-songwriter proudly wears his sexuality on his sleeve while encouraging other LGBTQ+ members to live unapologetically.

Now releasing his stimulating and exciting single, "boys in the backseat," listeners can properly introduce themselves to the enthralling likes of Sean Doherty and his engaging sonic ventures. While chanting his uplifting and passionate lyrics, Doherty is perfectly backed up by his exhilarating instrumentals to make for an unforgettable listening experience.

Taking a listen to "boys in the backseat," the song energetically opens with an electrifying synth melody, upbeat drum crashes, and a stimulating rhythm guitar. As Sean Doherty begins to ride the lively and tenacious beat, he later enlightens listeners on his tumultuous venture with someone he holds close to his heart. Anyone can easily relate to Sean Doherty's lyricism in this piece, as he perfectly depicts the exhilaration and invigorating feeling of kicking it with someone who might not be the best for us.

Moving through this exciting piece, Sean Doherty blasts us with incredible energy alongside his scorching hot instrumentals that take us into the radiant atmospheres of alternative rock. We can't get enough of Sean Doherty's magnetic and energetic performance within this track, as he leaves us in search of our next thrill with help from this stimulating single.

Treat your ears with the scorching sounds of Sean Doherty and his latest single, "boys in the backseat," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Sean Doherty.What an engaging and thrilling venture you've taken us on with your latest single, "boys in the backseat." What inspired you to create this energetic and passionate hit?

Thank you so much! The song's initial hook actually came from a one-sentence note in my Notes App--all I had written down was "keep on driving with boys in the backseat." I think as you move out of your early 20s, you start to realize that new relationships automatically come with baggage--typically everyone has had at least a relationship (or two, or six) before, and those relationships, no matter how painful or wonderful, define parts of our lives forever. Whether it's a song you shared with someone else or a shirt you still have but don't want to get rid of, they stay with us--and with this song, in particular, I wanted to turn that sort of melancholy feeling into one of excitement. We've all got boys in the backseat. All we can do is keep going and let them ride, and if we do, we don't have to stop the car.

What message did you want to convey with your spicy lyricism in "boys in the backseat?"

First of all--obsessed with the use of "spicy" as a descriptor of lyrics!! I am deeply honored, ahaha. Lyric-wise, I wanted to approach this song from a perspective of "alright ENOUGH. I know what everyone's been saying. I know *you* know what they've been saying. Screw it." I wanted every line to feel like both a frantic confession as well as a call to move forward, and I wanted it to get increasingly desperate--but in a way that comes with the excitement knowing that despite all of this, the song at its core is about wanting to make this work.

How did you navigate the sound and feel for the instrumentals in "boys in the backseat?" What did you want your audience to feel and experience while listening to this track?

Finding the right sound for this was definitely a journey, but one I truly enjoyed from start to finish--right before we went into production with my producer, Lloyd Kikoler, I was just at home listening to Dancing in the Dark by Bruce Springsteen and jokingly said: "god--don't you just wish we had a gay Bruce?" Then I was like wait a second, I could that, haha. I worked with Lloyd specifically to make the song feel like it was a tribute to that 80s rock and synth sound, but a combination of the two that still felt modern and not just like an imitation. I also wanted the song to feel like a car constantly speeding up--like it was starting at 80 mph, and then slowly the gas pedal was just pushing to the floor and things were spiraling devastatingly close to out-of-control. To do that, we took a drum machine and *combined* that with live drums (Lloyd's idea, which is why I am constantly calling him a genius, haha)--we started with this 80's drum machine sound, and then as we hit the second half of the song, the live drums come in and everything elevates. By the time you hit that drum fill (created by the INCREDIBLE Tom Jorgensen), we're flying down a coastal highway, headed toward a bar--a bar where you know some boy is there that you're *probably* going to go home with, even though you probably shouldn't. But you know you will. That's the exact feeling I wanted people to leave with--that sense of excitement and dread but the thrill that it's all just so dangerous.

Would you say that "boys in the backseat" is a solid representation of the music you create? Do you usually create such high-energy and stimulating tunes like this?

This is such an excellent question! I've had an album's worth of songs written for quite some time now, and energy-wise, there's a pretty wide variety of styles going on. When left to my own devices, I can definitely lean into a quieter, indie folk-rock kind of vibe (I love me some sad songs!), but I found when the pandemic hit, I didn't seek out the sad songs--I wanted songs I could move to, thrash to, and feel all my feelings to, but in a more physical, visceral way. This song came right out of that feeling (it was written in February 2021), and the pulse of it has now spilled over into my writing--and has me re-interpreting my other tunes to have the same kind of heartbeat, which has been really exciting. I also just simply wanted my debut single to be something upbeat for this first summer back out in the world--I figured I've got the rest of my career to bring on the ballads, haha.

What's next for you?

I've actually just sent my second single to mastering, and we're currently aiming for release sometime in October or November--it's definitely got more of a fall vibe, so I'm excited for everyone to listen to it while bundled in their coats as the leaves come down.


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