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Sean Hobbes Release The Third Visual Installment From The Forthcoming EP, 'Things Feel Slow'

Growing up in the alt-rock scene of Philadelphia, Sean Hobbes has dreams of performing his music for thousands of fans. He moved to New Orleans at the age of 18 and started playing in local clubs, mixing his pop-rock sensibilities with classic soul covers. His band, The Hi-Res, brings a broad spectrum of influence and style to his songs. Together, they create fun, dynamic performances that effortlessly leap from jazz and soul to indie rock and pop.

Carrying forth the momentum of their visual-EP titled 'Things Feel Slow,' the installment progresses with an eye-catching video for the title track to hail off the November 26th, 2021 released project. In a dimly lit room that creates a sultry ambiance of mystery and anticipation, Sean Hobbes and The Hi-Res immediately set a tone that lures you into the buttery grooves that saturate your speakers and screen.

Going through the motions of preparation for behind the scene content that comes with the life of an artist, we sense the protruding emotion of aggravation coming to the surface as Sean Hobbes and his bandmates prepare to be showcased in the spotlight, yet again. With the quick-cut scenes and mesmerizing transitions that have us feeling the grooves of every electric tempo laid down, the amplified energy that comes from moments of lively vigor makes this visual experience jump from the screen.

Admiring the clean-cut elements that enhance the polished sound that Sean Hobbes already embodies, we get to pick up on the creative nature of Sean Hobbes and The Hi-Res comprised of Kevin Appelson (drums), Tristan Clark (bass), Noah English (guitar), Aidan Swindell (saxophone), Avery Bell (trombone), and Mauricio Viana (keys). Watch the "Coming Clean" music video for yourself and tap into the musical ease provided.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Sean Hobbes, and congratulations on the release of the music video for "Coming Clean." What inspired the nature of this song?

Thank you so much for having me! “Coming Clean” was a really emotional song to write. I was in a place where I felt like I was sacrificing my own happiness for someone who wasn’t listening to me. I felt like I wasn’t being heard whenever I brought up problems in our relationship and this song really came out of that feeling. When I brought it to my band, I knew I wanted to have this explosive, in-your-face rock part that would represent letting out those pent-up feelings.

How does the meaning you embed into this track tie into the striking and polished music video you offer to your audience? Was this always the vision?

Yeah as soon as we started planning this video, I knew I wanted it to have these big, dramatic warehouse performance scenes. It was just what felt right in my head. Then I started to think about how we could tell a story alongside the song and I came up with the nightmare photographer character that our keyboardist, Mauricio Viana, is portraying. I loved leaning into some of the aesthetics of rock music videos while also being able to have fun with each other on set.

What can you tell us about the entire visual-EP concept? What does it say about you as an artist?

This project has been so much fun because I’ve gotten to work with so many talented filmmakers in creating this journey through each song. I’m a storyteller and this project has been a way for me to explore telling multiple stories under a single theme. The songs have all come from this place of trying to work past angst and frustration. When I started to plan the overall arc for the EP, I knew that I wanted to take people on our journey of going from backyard shows to a future full of big stage performances. Each song has been an episode in that arc and we’ve gotten to introduce ourselves through these sorta short concept films.

If your fan base could take away one central theme from your music, what would you like it to be?

I think people should expect more for themselves. It can be so hard to recognize when things aren’t going right in any kind of relationship, but doing what’s best for yourself is important in moving forward. It’s not just romantic relationships either. Separating yourself from toxic people and finding people that lift you up just creates a world of difference.

What's next for you, Sean?

Well right now, I’m working on the final video for this visual-EP and I’m so excited about that. This project has been over a year in the making and to see it finally coming together is so rewarding. My band and I are also working on our debut album and putting together some tours for 2022, so we’re really excited about next year.


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