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Sean Michael Gives Us An Aggressive And Fire Delivery With New Single “Plan B”

Sean Michael vicious wordplay coming in contact with his vivid imagery created a legendary fusion that he calls “Plan B”. Sean Michael puts the pen to the paper and allows his flows and music to tell his special story, unique to him. A dark, twisted, and very real look into the world of loss, depression, and alcohol abuse. The beauty is in the brutal honesty the New Jersey native injects into each song as he paints a picture of days better left not spoken about. If you listen to “Plan B” and see past the trendy beat and addicting flow that doesn't seem to miss a single measure or beat, you will understand how lyrically contextual the record is and how it serves as a meaningful purpose for Sean. The hook says “Everything is burning down around me”. A repetitive line that was more than enough for me to understand that Sean Michael channels his passion into his music. Most rappers, or artists in general, have a life story and some choose to allow the pain they feel in everyday life to be ammo for their explosive music. The determination, self-love, worth, and fire in “Plan B” were all noticeable in apparent fashion due to the vocal delivery by Sean Michael himself.

Add some meaning to your Spotify playlist with Sean Michael's "Plan B", and check out the artists interview below where he gets into the meaning behind the track.

Hey Sean! Great to chat! When was the first moment you knew music was something you wanted to do?

Likewise! The first time I knew music in general was something I was interested in was back in 5th grade. I’m 29 now so maybe that helps put things into perspective. Rap wise though, I left the theater after watching 8 Mile and immediately thought I was the next big battle rapper haha thats not a joke.. Needless to say I put my battle rap ambitions aside and picked up poetry and found a way to integrate hip-hop into my subject matter.

Do you have any specific rap influences? If so who and why?

Well clearly after that story you can deduce that Eminem was a major influence of mine, but other than Eminem I am massively influenced by Method Man, Redman, DMX, 50 Cent & Lloyd Banks. I think Eminems skillset is unmatched honestly, his rhyme schemes are absolutely wild and I always wanted to catch up to him.. I have yet to achieve that goal, but maybe one day haha the others I mentioned were just on constant rotation growing up, I think I have the entire Hunger for More album by Lloyd Banks memorized, and I still bump all of them regularly when I am in need of inspiration. For example while writing my first EP I listened to The Blackout, Muddy Waters, and Get Rich or Die Trying on the regular. 

Describe to us the meaning behind the song “Plan B"?

Plan B really outlines the years I was in school. This song is a middle finger to all the people that told me to always have a back up plan so I wasn’t “let down.” I’m let down now, I’m depressed now, so let me do me.

What inspired you to write this? 

Over those years I developed a drinking problem, went to AA, had negative $450 in the bank at the time I wrote the song, and literally dropped out of school to pursue music after 3 years of attending. My life was absolutely crumbling around me and I was losing friends left and right. My first producer passed away, my DJ died in a motorcycle crash, and a couple friends OD’d and I was having trouble coping with it. So “everything is burning down around me” was exactly how I felt. All of my songs stem from real life experience, no exaggeration, you either like it or don't but this is me.. 

What’s your opinion on the current state of hip-hop in the music industry?

I think hip-hop is in a transition currently, but in a healthy state. I think theres a TON of great music coming out from new artists like Joyner Lucas, Dave East, JID, Jay IDK.. etc.. I believe Hip-Hop is the most important genre currently and the most influential to the youth, but it’s also the most dangerous contextually. Theres a lot of artists glorifying drug use and theres an epidemic of kids dying while using drugs, so I hope that changes. I’m not personally a fan of any songs talking about Lean or glorifying drug abuse because a couple good friends of mine have passed from addiction so I really don't have time for that. 

What's next for you through 2019?

2019 will be filled with a TON of music, I am putting out a new song a week the whole year. I have my first official single “Margiela” coming out in May so I'm super excited about that! I’d say thats really the launch pad, and the rest will follow suit. I also have 2 EPs coming out, one in the fall, and one before the years out. Hopefully by the first EP we will have some shows lined up, I’m really looking forward to seeing where this year takes me! 


Connect with Sean via the artists Instagram and Twitter!


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