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Second Hand Mojo Brings All the “Good Vibes” On Their Upbeat New Release

It’s so rewarding to relax and enjoy our time with the people we love.

Having already racked up hundreds of thousands of views for their latest video, “Kiss My Baby Goodnight,” it’s fair to say that blues-rock outfit Second Hand Mojo has been on a little of a hot streak. Hailing from Canton, Michigan, and surrounding areas, their electric stage presence and high-energy performances have quickly generated significant buzz, endearing them to audiences as they give their all with each performance. As these talented artists continue to shoot for the stars, remember their names; they’re destined for big things.

One of the most appealing characteristics of Second Hand Mojo is their ability to make music that is easily enjoyed. Their releases effortlessly capture that nostalgic, good old rock n’ roll party and good vibes feeling, making for entertaining releases that manage to hit you right in your nostalgic feels. Composed of Vern Springer (guitar, vocals), Chuck Riepenhoff (lead vocals), Scott Brokaw (percussion, vocals), MarQ Andrew Speck “Q” (keys, vocals), and James Hampton (bass, vocals), Second Hand Mojo has made it their mission to elevate and entertain wherever they go, and they’ve succeeded thus far.

“Good Vibes” is an aptly titled release that embodies Second Hand Mojo’s approach to music. According to Vern Springer, the inspiration and meaning behind “Good Vibes” was simple; “good times dancing, hanging out with your friends and family.” Beginning with a warm piano quickly joined by a rollicking guitar, “Good Vibes” eases your worries from all musical directions. As lines like “Bring the good vibes all around” are delivered with a pure, unadulterated giddiness, it’s hard not to let some positivity rub off on you. Accompanied by a heartwarming music video that sees Second Hand Mojo throwing a massive party for their friends and family, “Good Vibes” is a release that evokes pure happiness in multiple ways.

Second Hand Mojo’s new release, “Good Vibes,” is an easy, feel-good release that will uplift your mood when you’re having a rough day. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream “Good Vibes” today, which is available on all major streaming platforms. Check out the heartwarming music video, too, available on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Second Hand Mojo! We loved "Good Vibes," we had to ask you! What was your favorite part of bringing the vision for this release to life?

The collaborative process. The whole band played a part in writing and developing the song and production. This latest set of songs has come mostly from rehearsal jams. Good Vibes started with Marq "Q" Speck on keys, giving it a Jackson Brown vibe. Chuck was working on the melody and lyrics. James had the breakdown section. Scott and I were able to add our parts, and off we went.

How did Second Hand Mojo come to be? Could you give us your band's origin story?

Scott and I were in another band that had finished its run. We were talking and decided we still wanted to write and perform. I had a batch of songs to get us started. So, we began looking for other members. Chuck came to us first through a Craigslist ad. He was in another project prior and wanted to do more of his style of originals. He found us, and we got together and jammed to get to know each other. We started writing lyrics and melodies for my songs at that time. Next up was James. Chuck knew James from their college years. They both played in successful bands in the Toledo/Bowling Green area. He asked James to come and see if he would be interested. He came in and added the high harmonies and more than just straight eight-note bass lines and gave us some jazz and a more diverse sound and feel. After that, I asked MarQ to come and check us out and see if he would be interested. Q and I played with David Winans at the time and enjoyed playing together, so it was a comfortable fit. On the first day, he improvised the solo for the first single we released. The one on the recording is close to what he played during our first rehearsal. From that day on, this has been the lineup.

What do you think is the most important quality for musicians to have?

An ability to go outside your comfort zone and collaborate. Too often, people are very rigid in their approach to what they are comfortable creating. One of my favorite parts of Mojo is how our songs are organically developed. It may not be in everyone's preferred vibe or style, but we all approach it honestly to try and serve the idea and see where it goes.

What does music mean to you, and do you have any favorite musical memories you would like to share?

Vern: My favorite musical memory with Second Hand Mojo would be filming the last video for Good Vibes. The idea in the video is taken from the lyrics that Chuck wrote.

Chuck: The lyrics I wrote are based on this concept: You hear commotion from afar, you can feel the energy from afar, you can't see it yet, but you know there's a party going on over there, and you can tell where it's at - so you're drawn to go to that commotion you hear and energy you feel - and when you get there, sure enough, there is a big party going on…so you join right in!

Vern: The lyrics inspired me to throw a family and friends party and film it for the video. We did that at my cousin Dave and his wife Leslie's house in their pole barn. The director, Nick, took that idea and ran with it. We even had the video's world premiere at a movie theater.

What's next for Second Hand Mojo? Can we expect to hear more new music soon? And is there anything you want to say to your fans?

Next, we have a slate of shows for the end of the year, and we are also booking for next year. We have the rest of the recordings to be released, starting with another video and single in February for the song "Sister Surrender" and then another release of the balance of the project later in the year. We are also writing for the next set of recordings. We also plan to go into the studio sometime next year to get that ready for release.

As for the fans, we are just wow, and we thank you so very much to anyone who has ever been to a show, listened to a song, watched a video, bought some merch, recommended us to a friend, left an encouraging note, or just came up to say hi. It means the world to all of us. Hope to see you soon!


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