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Second Hand Mojo Wants To Take You To The Wild Side On “Kiss My Baby Goodnight”

The Canton, Michigan, act wants some love when the night's over.

Hailing from Canton, Michigan, and its surrounding areas, Second Hand Mojo is a talented blues-rock band channeling a timeless sound with modern execution and captivating audiences everywhere.

The talented band also lights out live performers, featuring a distinctive sound that incorporates melodic guitar riffs, powerful keyboards, poignant lyricism, and electrifying vocals. They constantly give their all in every musical endeavor they dain to take on, and with their kind of ability, the future looks incredibly bright.

Comprised of the dynamic Vern Springer (guitar and vocals), the powerful voice of Chuck Riepenhoff (lead vocals), the charismatic Scott Brokaw (percussion and vocals), the incredibly gifted MarQ Andrew Speck "Q" (keys and vocals), and course the uber talented James Hampton (bass and vocals), Second Hand Mojo is a collective force of rare musical prowess.

With their highly anticipated "Second Helpings" EP on the near horizon, Second Hand Mojo has been more in the zone than ever before, and every subsequent release promises to be a must-listen experience.

The inspiration behind Second Hand Mojo's latest release, "Kiss My Baby Goodnight," came from a blues riff that the band was jamming to during rehearsal. Vern Springer explains, "It's about the anticipation of getting some affection at the night's end." It's one of the rarer releases that entirely organically took shape as they played around with ideas.

The instrumental performance features an energetic organ, catchy riffs, and groovy traditional rock and roll sensibilities, setting the stage for a grand vocal performance. Dropping lyrics like "I want to take you to the wild side / So much is riding round my mind," Second Hand Mojo are true to their words as they build up anticipation before ultimately deciding, "I'm gonna kiss my baby tonight."

As Second Hand Mojo continues to make waves in the music scene, "Kiss My Baby Goodnight" is a testament to their incredible talent and ability to put out alluring releases consistently. If you need bluesy vibes and infectious melodies, tap in and stream Second Hand Mojo's new single, "Kiss My Baby Goodnight," available now on all major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Second Hand Mojo! We loved “Kiss My Baby Goodnight,” what a refreshing take on a classic genre! We had to ask, what was the creative process like for this release?

Thank You! For this one, the start was from a riff I (Vern) played before practice with Scott, our drummer. As the guys came in and got ready, they joined and added something to the song. James said the middle section breakdown. MarQ (‘Q’) had a massive organ intro and outro (our resident Keith Emerson guy). Chuck first started with lyrics and melody phonetically and then developed them to the finished state. Once that was done, we were on our way to “Kiss My Baby Goodnight.”

Please give us the Second Hand Mojo origin story! How did the band come to be, and did all of you know each other before?

Scott and I knew each other from a previous project(s). Our last project had run its course, and we wanted to continue to create and perform. I had some songs written, and we began looking for members. After meeting and trying out a bunch of guys, we finally landed on Chuck. He found us through a Craigslist ad. He came in, was prepared, and we even started writing in that meeting.

Next up was James. Chuck and James knew each other from the Toledo music scene when they were in competing bands. Chuck got James to drop in, and he has been with us ever since. MarQ and I were in another band playing with David Winans. I asked him if he could come by and see if he wanted to play keys for this project. He was the final piece, and this was the line-up from that day.

What has been your favorite part of being a musician and being able to put your music out so far?

For me, it is a surprise when someone connects with it on any level. Be it the other guys or a person in the audience. It amazes me that one person with their own set of circumstances, triumphs, and trials can hear something and connect with another person or persons in 3 or 4 minutes.

How would you describe your music to someone who has not heard it before?

I usually describe it as follows: If You like Classic Rock from the ’60s to the ’90s, we will sound vaguely familiar. It is all original, but it will not be hard to hear some of our influences in the songs.

What is next for Second Hand Mojo? Your new EP “Second Helpings” is slated for release sometime soon, right? Are any projects off “Second Helpings” that you are excited for your fans to hear?

Yes, Second Helpings (the EP) is slated for release later this year or early next year. As for immediate plans, we have a slate of shows this year and plans for several more single releases and videos. We are all excited about all the music on this recording. Each track has its personality.

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