Sedated with Rhythm, Groovy Hoovy Releases the Single and Music Video for, "Let It Rock"

Cleveland, Ohio, is home to the one and only Groovy Hoovy. Embracing music as a sonic escape for many to seek out, Groovy Hoovy thrives upon creating the perfect experience for his audience to get lost in.

Attached to music from a young age, Groovy Hoovy radiates in a medley of vibrations. In his most recent release, “Let It Rock,” he chooses to exemplify the carefree sparkle he wishes to bring his listeners. In the echoed timbres of each guitar chord strummed upon, a tantalizing ambiance is emitted in the midst of Groovy Hoovy’s juxtaposition of swagger and messaging.

Eating up the minimalistic instrumentation, Groovy Hoovy matches the cadence with the Trap style drums driving his talents.

Proving that he is musically versatile with the panache dripped on this arrangement, you succumb to a lucid universe that has your mind altered in only the best way possible. It wouldn’t be a Groovy Production without the enticing visuals to set the artistic tone of this laid back hit.

Groovy Hoovy takes an intimate approach to the way he portrays himself in this video. While using neon lights to liven up the environment, he stands upon. He also utilizes psychedelic effects tastefully to serve the offerings of “Let It Rock” in one fell swoop. Transitioning between scenes, we experience the universe of intoxicating creations that Groovy Hoovy delves into.

Seeing him in his humble abode jamming out to perform one on one with the camera, he surely has heads spinning in this theatrical journey between song and music video.